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Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp
Surrounded by a 55 hectare nature forest preserve, Jeeva Beloam's five berugas are perched on a sand dune above a 250 meter long white sand
beach. With views from the front terraces of the berugas across the Alas Strait to the island of Sumbawa and the open Hindia Ocean, Jeeva
Beloam beach camp occupies one of the more spectacular natural settings in Lombok.

Jeeva Beloam is off the main power grid and relies upon solar power supported by a back up diesel fuel generator to provide electricity to the
camp. Water is supplied through rain catchment basins and by bringing in water from a nearby fresh well. Solar cells are used to heat water
for showers and other needs.

Due to the isolated nature of the camp and the overall lack of infrastructure in the area, lodging at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is all inclusive
with accommodation including all meals, water, soft drinks and juices. Meals at Jeeva Beloam are served in the large, custom made, open
sided tent that serves as the camp's restaurant and central gathering area. The dining tent is located on a  large sunbathing deck with views
across the Jeeva Beloam cove to Sumbawa and of Mount Rinjani behind the dining tent.

Jeeva Beloam faces the Timor Sea and Alas Strait separating Lombok and Sumbawa on the Eastern edge of Lombok's Tanjung Ringgit peninsula.
The camp is near Ekas Bay with its world class diving and surfing opportunities and an easy walk to Teluk Temeak for snorkeling, diving and
other water sports. Diving for advanced divers is also possible outside the Jeeva Beloam cove and along the cliffs of Tanjung Ringgit facing the
Alas Straits.

Jeeva Beloam's 5 beach front berugas are traditional camp style inspired berugas with spacious covered beach front and ocean view terraces.
Due to limited capacity to generate electricity, only the sleeping area of the berugas have air conditioning that is available during certain
hours. A small library shares the reception area while a spa offering basic local massage treatments is located on a small knoll behind the
dining tent.

Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp
Jalan Pantai Beloam, Tanjung Ringgit,
Sekaroh, Jerowaru
East Lombok - Indonesia

The berugas are exceptionally large with a total 60 square meters of covered living space providing
unexpected comfort within a rugged camping environment. The sleeping area is air conditioned and boasts a
king size mosquito netted bed. The berugas are equipped with a personal safe and sarongs. A mix of coffees
and teas are provided in the room with hot water provided daily. The bathroom and terrace areas of the
berugas are covered but are not fully enclosed. As electric power is limited, air conditioning will only be
available in the evenings.
The beruga pantai are absolute beach front wood, bamboo and alang alang camp houses  with unfettered
views over the beach and the Jeeva Beloam private cove to the Timur Sea beyond. The beruga pantai boasts
a large day bed on the covered terrace, a mosquito netted king size bed in an air conditioned sleeping room
and direct beach access.

tenda restaurant

Tenda offers an open menu for breakfast and lunch consisting of a mix of Western and Asian breakfast
favorites. The dinner menus change daily with two to three  meal selections at each serving. All seafood
dishes are ‘catch of the day’ with each meal prepared using fresh fish sourced daily from local fishermen.
Poultry is raised by local farmers who work closely with Jeeva Beloam to supply eggs and other poultry
items on a daily basis. Vegetables are sourced in the nearest local market. Most dinner menus will be
prepared based upon what is freshly available in the market on that day. The tenda restaurant will, as
much as possible,  accommodate requests by guests for special items or dishes depending upon
availability of ingredients.  Tenda will also arrange beach barbecues, camp fire roasts and other special
meal events on a revolving basis.
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