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Cruising the Alor Archipelago from Maumere 425 miles 8 days

Top Indonesia sea voyages are meant as suggestions for the interesting courses that ships may follow through the archipelago. The routes are for planning purposes only and one must keep in mind that the itinerary and program may have to be modified as a result of unfavorable winds or other circumstances. This itinerary from Maumere into the Alor archipelago east of Flores covers about 425 miles and could easily be covered in eight days.

This voyage departs from the harbor of Maumere in Flores and after a first sunset at sea you go on an overnight crossing to one of the most remarkable sights in Eastern Indonesia. On the second day of the cruise you will wake up with the ship standing off near the Island of Kumba, a smouldering volcano in the middle of the Flores Sea. Depending on the tide and if the conditions allow you to do so, you may want to go ashore on one of the pebble beaches and perhaps there is even an opportunity to go snorkeling. We suggest you leave again in the course of the evening and proceed to the island of Alor. It would be best to time your arrival 
at the entrance of Kebola Bay around sunrise. Then go ashore in the town of Kalabahi and we would advise to make your way through the rugged landscape to the traditional village of Takpala to get some insight in the specific character of Alor. Spend the night at anchor.

On the fourth day you will be able explore the small islands of Pura and Ternate in the Pantar Strait. In this area you are very likely to run into the dolphins that are native to these waters.

On the fifth day we suggest you sail around the South Coast of Pantar into the Alor Strait so you can go ashore in the afternoon for a nature a trek on the island of Watubalu, which is uninhabited by humans but has a population of wild deer. 

On the sixth day you reach the South coast of Lembata to visit the traditional whale hunting village of Lamalerap. Here local fishermen still practice whaling with small open boats. Traditional whaling is still allowed under the International Whaling Convention, the local economy entirely depends on it and it cannot in any way be compared with the Japanese industrial variety. On the beach you will be able to witness how the whalers maintain their small sailing craft. Sail around Lembata during the night.

On the seventh day you should explore Waienga Bay on the North side of the island at the foot of the majestic Ile Api volcano, an area known to produce the best ‘ikats’ of Lembata. Here you find the most culturally traditional villages on the island. The return from Waienga Bay to Maumere is about 110 miles so it is best to leave in the evening for that last overnight passage. Top Indonesia will assist you with all further travel arrangements.
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Kumba Island
Takpala Village