Top expeditions are by definition in a category of their own, beyond simple vacations or even
standard adventure travel. We regularly organize such expeditions for families or groups of friends
or colleagues and these ventures into out-of-the-way areas are always custom-tailored to the
level of engagement that our clients desire. Expeditions are by definition unique. Expeditions travel
is for people who yearn to experience some amazing place unlike any other on Earth and understand
that in order to visit isolated communities this may involve having to trek into the jungle on paths
that are little trodden or travel upriver by traditional canoe.

Expeditions are for those who are ready to sleep in tents or the houses of tribal people and be
closely involved with their traditional existence. These are not the type of ‘travel products’ that
you find readymade on anybody’s shelf or even on our own. We need to work with our clients to
learn what special interests they have and how much time they can afford to spend on the
authentic experiences that they desire. Of crucial importance is always a local guide with a
comprehensive understanding of regional conditions and culture. The logistics of an expedition are
by definition complicated but Top Indonesia Holidays will take care of all these details so our guests
can relax, learn, and enjoy themselves as they voyage into lands rich with wildlife and local
for in-depth destination knowledge and high-touch assistance
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Boat anchorage in Misool