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Four day adventure on Lombok
A trek to the crater lake on Mount Rinjani 

The unique highlight:

The island of Lombok is dominated by Mount Rinjani, which rises to 3,726 m (12,224 ft) and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Rinjani is a so-called stratovolcano with composite cones; in the caldera high up on the western side of Mt. Rinjani at an altitude of 2,208 m there is a six kilometer wide lake and since a few hundred years a new cone is emerging from its centre. The most recent eruption of Rinjani was in May, 2010, when plumes of ash were rising up to two km into the atmosphere. The area surrounding the caldera was declared a National Park in 1997. It covers 41,330 hectares within its boundaries and there are a further 66,000 hectares of protected forest nearby with countless natural treasures and magnificent scenery.

Both Hindu Balinese and Muslim Sasak consider the mountain sacred. They believe that the Gods reside on its summit and that the hot springs have healing properties. To them the trek up the mountain is a pilgrimage.

Rinjani offers the adventurous awesome scenery, waterfalls, rain forest, wildlife, savannah, caves, hot springs, an eerily cobalt-blue lake and a majestic volcano but the ascent is steep and arduous and hiking to the caldera and down to the lake is rather challenging. To those who are healthy and physically fit this is one of the very best adventure trek experiences in the whole of Indonesia.

Day one: Mataram - Sembalun Village (L,D)

Meeting service at your hotel in Mataram or upon your arrival at Lombok Airport. We take you to Sembalun Village where you will spend the first night in a home-stay or in tents. The village is situated in the foothills at approximately 1,700 meters above sea level.
Day two: Sembalun Village - Pelawangan Sembalun (B,L,D)

After an early breakfast, you will start the trek up to the Pelawangan Sembalun Campsite. First our trail leads through grasslands where you still encounter flocks of cows and buffaloes that belong to the villagers of Sembalun. The pinnacle of Rinjani Mountain is clearly in view all along the journey, welcoming the visitors with the promise of an unforgettable reward. The journey to Pelawangan Sembalun Campsite will take approximately eight to ten hours depending on your walking speed and stamina.
Day three: Pelawangan Sembalun - Segara Anak Lake (B,L,D)

Early call for the ascent of the mountain peak. The earlier, the better. We prefer to start at 3 or 4 a.m. since we aim for a glorious sun-rise view from the top of the mountain. Here you will enjoy >an exceptionally beautiful panorama, overlooking the Segara Anak Crater Lake and Gunung Baru (the new mountain). We savor these splendid moments with cups of tea and snacks. Afterwards, we return to the base camp for a late breakfast. Following the litter collection routine we startthe descent down to the Segara Anak Lake Campsite. Inside the massive 10-kilometer-wide crater you will find a dramatic landscape of steep slopes covered in scrub falls cascading down gorges with dense vegetation, scenery like you have never seen before.
Day four: Segara Anak Lake - Mataram (B,L)

After breakfast and litter collection, we leave the campsite and hike to the west rim. Here you
will be able to take a few last pictures of the Crater Lake before we start the descent to Senaru
Village. From Senaru we will take you back to your hotel or to the airport.

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Trekking Map
Sembalun Valley
Sembalun Rim
Gunung Baru
Segara Anak