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Manta Mae Charter
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Launched in 2014, mantamae is a gorgeous Phinisi boat style. The Mantamae captures the spirit of Indonesia and offers a unique opportunity to experience her beauty.
The ancestors to the modern Phinisi are the vessels that transported spices from the islands know as the ďEast IndiesĒ. For centuries, native people have sailed from South Sulawesi across the shallow seas of the Indonesian Archipelago. The great age of sail, which ended in the West in the early twentieth century, never quite ended in Indonesia.

The Phinisi is a traditional two masted sailing ship, Indonesian wooden boat. Indonesian Phinisi schooners, that can be seen at full sail all around Indonesian seas for centuries, have been made of iron wood. Phinisi Shipbuilding in Bira-Sulawesi has a long tradition and has been handed down through generations. This fascinating shipbuilding culture is based on the myth of the creation of the first boat by their ancestors. Now the mystical beliefs of the ancient mythology are still strong in every process of making Phinisi boats, which always begins with a ritual. The modern wooden boat, Phinisi type has been derived from similar craft that have been in use around Indonesia for several centuries.

"Sailing on Phinisi yacht charter is like a travel in time: a return to classical sailing, giving one a feeling of real adventure".

Nowadays the Pinisi boats are an essence of ancient romantic traditions supplemented with modern design and technology. Phinisi boats are something more than just sailing objects. The Phinisi boats express the spirit of Indonesia and a continuity of maritime tradition in the world of modern yacht charters

MANTAMAE has been designed and decorated using natural materials. The all-wooden hull design and super structure is based on the traditional Indonesian Phinisi style. The interior has unique mosaicpanels created from materials found on the beach such as coralsand shells from Indonesia, combined with fossil woods, labradorite (the power stone of magic) and quartz imported from Madagascar.

The large MAIN DECK is excellent for sunbathing. It contains a large and comfortable seating area, to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In between diving and shore activities, itís the favorite lounge area, to relax in the shade of MANTAMAEís huge sails.  Meals can be enjoyed here al-fresco at the oblong dining table.

The UPPER DECK in front of the wheelhouse, provides more space for sun bathing, reading, massages or to take a nap in the hammocks or on the sun loungers.

A large stern platform has convenient storage for dive tanks and equipment.
Indonesia offers stunning beaches, jungle, volcanoes, crystal waters, rich marine life, numerous cultural attractions and its own highly regarded cuisine. Here at Original Diving we have been lucky enough to travel widely throughout the islands visiting the latest hotels, and checking out the very best dive spots. All in the name of research, naturally.
When it comes to Indonesia diving, there arenít many places on Earth that offer the variety and quality. You could visit time and time again and never get bored. Whether you choose to hunt for the Giant Mola Mola (sunfish) in the waters around Bali, to explore the strong currents and unchartered waters of Raja Ampat or Komodo on a luxury liveaboard, or to experience stunning marine biodiversity in Sulawesi, there is a huge amount on offer. Add to this incredible hotels and service and excellent value for money and it isnít hard to see why Indonesia is one of our favourites.
Riding jetskis on the ocean is harder than it looks! Be sure to tell us your abilities/experience and we can recommend a better part of the day or a better day of your visit to go on the ocean. The conditions are generally better in the morning due to the calm winds. The wind usually picks up in the afternoon/evenings, making a jetski rental more challenging.
The use of Jet ski is not allowed in national marine park. Come join us now.
will start your trip to Komodo from Labuhan Bajo, as it is closer to the site. Less time needed to sail on the boat.
Labuan Bajo is accesible only from Bali by airplane for about 1 hour 20 minutes.
During your stay at Komodo island, we will do some trekking to the former feeding site of komodo on Banunggulung
on Komodo island. There is a trekking trail of about 20 minutes from the sea shore to the site on where most
peoples see the the Komodo lizard on itís habitat. We will also pay a visit to the other island nearby (The Komodo
island group comprises of many big and small island. Among the big one are the Komodo island, the Rinca island,
and Padar island)

Along with the national parkís rangers we will silently explore the islands on foot for the encounters with the
dragons. The Komodo dragons are large, ferocious predators that are fully capable of killing and eating a human
being and capable of running as fast as a dog! But donít worry, the rangers are experiences and know well how to
deal with dragons which can reach a length of 3 meters (about 10 feet). Nowadays the dragons estimated at
5,000 - 7,000 inhabited the islands of Komodo, Rinca and other tiny surrounding islands, and on the westernmost
part of Flores Island in Indonesia.
Besides the dragons komodo,
you can also experience wildlife tour on Rinca Island by trekking through the island to observe the other wild
animals such as deer,horses, birds etc, in their wild life.

We will spend an adventurous night on the boat. In the morning or afternoon you can snorkeling and diving around
Komodo, some of the best in the world, especially for seeing soft corals. Some of the beaches nearby have
beautiful pink sand, tinted by fragments of red coral mixed in with other shell and coral fragments.