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Mantra Dive and Sail
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Embodied in a pristine 75 feet wooden yacht featuring graceful lines reminiscent of a traditional Phinisi schooner. This classic style harks back to these great vessels of the Bugis tribe that once ruled the waves during the historic spice trade.

Combining classical appeal with 21st Century technology, Mantra was masterfully crafted on a Sulawesi beach and features a low superstructure with a large deck from bow to stern, resulting in a ship that offers not only a majestic retro form, but also safety for serving private magical journeys.

This beautiful yacht can go up to 1000 nautical miles (approximately 1150 miles). The crew of the yacht is also environmentally conscious; when the air conditioning is not online, they will switch off the generators and run everything on electrical systems via a battery bank and inverter in order to reduce emissions and operational noise.

Mantra also features seawater desalinization system that provides clean freshwater on board, producing 120 liters per hour, complementing the 3000 liters stored in the ship’s tanks. Yanmar engine is known for it’s low fuel consumption and produces low level of emissions, making Mantra the most environmentally friendly yacht around.

The yacht features three cabins, each with private bathroom and AC. The teak wood interior is toned with traditional Indonesian patterns giving the feeling of warmness and comfort. Each cabin consists of Queen size bed and one or two bunk single beds on the sides. The Cabins are cleaned daily, with towel and sheets changed on your request, with a desired frequency.

You can lie down on bed while admiring the magnificent views over the gentle waves across the brass portholes.

Cruise in comfort and enjoy spacious interiors on board with Mantra, which accommodates six and up to ten passengers. It’s perfect for 3 couples with kids, or close circle of friends who can share the comfortable cabins.

Beside comfortable and spacious cabins, you can spend the time in the indoor lounge that can be a perfect space for the entertainment during the night. You can also choose if you will dine outside or inside, since there are dining tables both in the lounge area and on the deck.

Available at all times is our Library that focuses on diving and sailing, as the snorkelling and fishing gears that you can use any time you want. The yacht gives so many opportunities, all designed for maximum comfort and pleasure.
Dimension & Specification:

    • Type : Motor / Sail
    • Tonnage: 35 tons
    • Length over all: 30 Meters
    • Draught: 3.10 mt
    • Cruising Range: 1200 nm
    • Cruising Speed: 8 knots
    • Engine Yanmar 250 hp
    • Generator Yanmar 30 kva
    • Diesel 4600 liters
    • Fresh Water 3500l+ Water maker 150l/h
    • Voltage 220

Navigation & Communication:

    • GPS
    • Depth Sounder
    • Radar
    • Plotter
    • VHF Radio
    • SSB Radio


    • Life Ring Buoys
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Life Rafts
    • Life Jackets
    • First Aid Kit
    • Oxygen

Cabine Facilities:

    • Private Bathroom with hot shower
    • Cupboard / Wardrobe
    • King Size bed
    • Extra bed
    • Air Condition
    • windows / Porthole

Indoor Lounge Facilities:

    • Sofa(s)
    • TV
    • DVD Player
    • Sound System
    • Dining table
    • Air Condition
    • Wi-Fi (when GSM signal is available)
    • Bathroom with hot shower
    • Kitchen?

Deck(s) Facilities:

    • Sun deck area
    • Sunbathing Reclining chairs
    • Mattresses
    • Sofa(s)
    • Dining table
    • Covered deck area
    • Hot shower on the deck

Services & Entertainment:

    • Daily Cabine cleaning
    • Sheet & Towel Service
    • Indoor games
    • Library
    • DVD's
    • Fishing gear
    • Snorkeling gear
Sail with the style! We offer you considerable room to move around in the cabins, and areas available for lounging,
dining, entertainment such as friendly card games, television and movies, or simply warm gatherings with refreshing
cocktails at you hand. There is a great deal of room to relax and take in the soothing scenes and atmosphere of
unspoiled islands.
Services Provided

    • Luxury Cabins with queen size beds, with one or two bunk single beds extra.
    • Each Cabin has an in suite bathroom with hot water.
    • Each Cabin has AC with remote controller.
    • Hidden safety box in each cabin.
    • Bad sheets and towels are changed regularly.

    • Three main meals per day (Vegetarian food is available on request).
    • Two snacks per day (Fruits, chocolate bars, etc.)
    • Water
    • Soft and alcoholic drinks (Price list is sent on request)

    • Television, dvd and music centre
    • Library
    • Card and board games, also available.
    • Wi-Fi (when GSM signal is in range).
    • Unlimited usage of our snorkelling equipment.
    • Western Diving instructor.
    • Available diving tanks and weight belts    (for max 8 people)
Cabine 1.

Charming and elegant “Indonesian Orange” cabin includes en-suite bathroom with Italian style shower and hot
water. The teak furnishings and lovely simple colors create very natural and relaxing atmosphere.

   • Queen size bed
   • Additional side bed (+1)
          • Free of charge for the child under 12 years
          • Adult - Additional 150€/night will be charged
   • Built in wardrobes and drawers
   • Bathroom with hot and cold water
   • Air Condition with remote controller
   • Hidden electronic safe
   • Electricity 220 W

Cabine 2.

This cozy cabin has elegant teak furnishings and it’s decorated in traditional Indonesian style, using patterns and
color matching the interior. Color tones and comfy new matrass will make you enjoy your trip even more.

   • Queen size bed
   • Additional side bed (+1)
         • Free of charge for the child under 12 years
         • Adult - Additional 150€/night will be charged
   • Built in wardrobes and drawers
   • Bathroom with hot and cold water
   • Air Condition with remote controller
   • Hidden electronic safe
   • Electricity 220 W

Cabine 3.

This spacious cabin offers enough space for the whole family. Two bunk beds on the side can be used as couch or
extra beds.

Its elegant teak furnishing and Indonesia style decoration make this cozy setting perfect for a retreat after
excitement during the day.

   • Queen size bed
   • Additional side beds (+2 max 1 adoult)
         • Free of charge for the child under 12 years
         • Adult - Additional 150€/night will be charged
   • Built in wardrobes and drawers
   • Bathroom with hot and cold water
   • Air Condition with remote controller
   • Hidden electronic safe
   • Electricity 220 W
Boat Mantra can attain up to 8 divers during one sail.
For all the Diving sites on our routes is recommended intermediate to advanced level of diving.
We’ll ask from you to send your diving certificate before coming on board, and to bring your diving computers.
The cost of the diving gear is 35 euros per day, and it will be necessary to inform us about the size in advance.
The diving sites around the Indonesian Archipelago are based on liveaboard experience. We are using the maximum
time for diving and combining with must see places on mainland. The amazing beaches, pinnacle scenery, and little
remote islands make the experience even more precious.
Raja Ampat - Diving Sites

Dampier Strait
You’ll meet schools of fusiliers, surgeonfish, trevalliers, rainbow runners, sweetlips and bannerfish. Particular thing about the site is that you will be able to hear “fish thunder”, the loud sound made when great numbers of fish move through the open water.

During one survey undertaken by regional authority on fish identification, that took only 4 days and 11 sites, the scientists recorded a total of 707 fish species in the 5600 ha of Penemu protected area. The average number of species on sites was 281 species, which is considered as exceptionally diverse. On one site they noted 357 species, and that makes it the second highest fish count on one dive.
The hard corals are home to Indian lionfish, as well as several species of dragonets, and for attentive ones the Pontohi pygmy seahorse.

Farondi islans offer many different dive sites, where you can go on the look for wobbegong sharks.
Misool National park: Jilliet, Fiabajet, Walib, Wajil, Jef Pele, Mesenta, Boo.
In these waters is the best visibility around Raja Ampat, up to 40 metres.
Gorgonians, barrel sponges, dendronephtya soft corals and various forms of acropora, schools of unicornfish, surgeonfish and blue dash fusiliers swarming around you, green turtles, blue and yellow angelfish, titan trigger fish, oriental sweetlips and many species of butterflyfish. You can stumble upon huge Platax teira batfish, or great hammerhead sharks. Now, rare in most of the places in the world, Napoleonfish is quite common in Raja Ampat.

Fam South
Angelfishes in all the wonderful colors and forms, “bicolour” -yellow and blue halves, “keyhole” -navy with a white ‘keyhole’, “Lamarck’s” -black and white stripes, “3-spot”- bright yellow with blue lips. Masked rabbitfish swimming in pairs, black and white banded sea snakes, and one true rarity around the ocean are tridacna clams, some being over a meter long and as it is believed over a 100 years old.

Hard coral gardens of Arborek are permanently visited by Manta Rays, and it’s possible to see 10 to 15 of them only in one dive. Beside this particularity, you’ll be able to see the thousands of Oxeye Scads.

Komodo Island - Diving Sites

Gili Lawa
Schools of jacks, giant trevally, and white tip reef sharks, surgeonfish, smaller reef fish that float amongst the fields of staghorn coral. Dolphins will make an appearance, often chasing the large schools of fusiliers. The reef is full of bronze and rust colored sponges, soft tree corals, and in the shallow water there’ll be thousands of anthias. Damselfish, large cuttlefish, pyramid butterflyfish, hawksbill turtles and some red octopus’.

North west side of the island is interesting for Schools of yellow-ribbon sweetlips, black snappers, bluefin and bigeye trevally, and white tip reef sharks.

Castle Rock is more exposed to the currents, but great site for experienced divers. There you can see whitetips, blacktips, grey reef sharks, and big trevally. It’s also a favorite hunting place for bottlenose dolphins that can be spotted often while diving.

Komodo National Park
On Monco, there’s miniwall with cracks full of glassfishes. It is a really good place for looking at smaller animals like batfishes, tiny shrimps, nudibranch, also having black corals. This site is also good for night dive.

The Red Beach, or Pantai Merah , great for snorkeling and diving too.  Yellow damsels, regal angelfish, checkerboard wrasse, masked unicornfish and school fish of striper fusiliers. Blending with sponges, you can spot frogfishes, there’ll also be mantis shrimps, crocodilefish, shrimp gobies, and burrowing jawfish.

Padar and Rinca
With a number of rocks and swimtroughs, there’ll be bunches of brown leather corals, bright yellow sea cucumbers, red and purple urchins are quite common. The schools of fusiliers, snappers, six banded angelfish and boxfish.

Horseshoe Bay
Sharks, barracuda, large coral blocks covered with lots of hard and soft corals, feather stars, nudibrachs and frogfishes, nurse sharks, torpedo rays, special crabs like the Zebra crab, sea urchin shrimps, frogfishes and scorpionfishes.

Rinca North
While diving in the waters of area of Rinca North you’ll be able to see the jawfish, sand eels, bumphead parrotfishes, butterflyfishes, often sharks and groups of jacks, grey and humpback snapper.

North Maluku - Diving Sites

Nusa Laut and Saparua
If you go deep enough, you’ll probably find sharks, or Kuhl’s bluespot stingrays. The reef slope is consisted of brain corals, pore, table corals, as vase, tube and barrel sponges.  Humpback snapper, blacktail snapper, you’ll spot snappers just everywhere. Emperor angelfish, triggerfish, all-yellow canary wrasse, bignose unicornfish, pacific double-saddle butterflyfish, green-throat parrotfish - there are just too many fish species, which makes this site so significant and interesting. 

Dog-toothed tuna, schooling barracuda and jacks, and specially you should look for ghostpipefish, and orangutan crab. There will be numbers of red-toothed triggerfish, surgeonfish, huge trevallies, and giant morays. Seascape is filled with hard and soft corals, including ubiquitous orange dendronephthya, and cabbage corals.
The other spots for dive will be around Banda Neira outer reefs, Misool National park, Farondi, Fam Island and Arborek.

Banda Sea - Diving Sites

Komba island
Komba Island and it’s volcanic scenery, with black sand and colorful corals. There are many kinds of Dartfish, like Fire Dartfish, Spottail, Twotone and Zebra Dartfish.

Reong island, and Water island
Are great for afternoon and night dive.

Gunung Api
Amazing Gunung Api, even it was destroyed by eruption, the reef recovered so fast, on amazement of scientists. Here you can find rich marine life, with table corals being big as houses, and cabbage patches looking like underwater fields. Fusiliers, greensnout parrotfish, slingjaw wrasee and cuttlefish, triggerfish, and even clown triggerfish can be spotted here. If you’re persistent enough, you’ll be able to see longnose hawkfish.

Banda Neira outer reefs
Extremely rich waters of Banda Neira will surprise you. You’ll be able to spot schools of snappers, big emperor and blue-girdled angelfish, wrasses, pinnate batfish, and great number of bannerfish, unicornfish, fusiliers, jack fish, rainbow runners, whitetip sharks, dogtoothed tuna, napoleon wrasse, and hawksbill turtles.

Incredible site and all it’s species, with the list that would go on and on. The species like midnight snapper, bump-head and blunt-head parrotfish, turtles and sharks. The seascape is dominated by all kinds of hard and soft corals, like laminar coral, blue coral, brown daisy coral, dome coral and crispy coral
The Liveaboard on Mantra is excellent for families,  or group of friends sharing the holiday of lifetime. The sailing is fun and amazes the kids, but even more important, they learn a lot while they’re on board.
Sometimes we’ll sail during the night, and in the morning, when you wake up, we can be in completely new place, seeing other scenery, and ready for new adventures. It’s like living a wonder every day of your holiday.

The Private Charters are the best option for the ones that want to sail in their own pace, style, and visit the places they wish. Except that, you get to cruise around with the closest ones, and share the vacation that will stay engraved in the memory, probably forever.

It’s not only about the beauty and luxury of the boat Mantra, it’s about sailing and liveaboard that brings you closer to nature, principles of currents, winds, all the natural elements. Once you get to depend on them, you start appreciating them more, and therefore you see everything in different light.

You’ll discover the richness and magic of Nature, and not only underwater, exploring the marine life, but also exploring the islands and mainland.


Where the oceans meet, the flora and fauna mixing from two different continents. The Indonesian Archipelago is majestically shaped in this area. There is no better way to travel around Raja Ampat than liveaboard. No matter of your preferences, you will simply be stunned by the breathtaking scenery.

Raja Ampat is one of the biggest biodiversity marine life sites, so the snorkeling or diving will give you endless pleasures. It’s the same with flora and fauna, if you feel like exploring mainland, while the boat is anchored.
While cruising you will wonder in some moments if it’s all real, and this is what will make your vacation and liveaboard experience so special.

Make sure that you take the good cameras, underwater and regular ones. Some of the sites we’ll visit are rarely visited, or unpopulated.


While sailing the route called Komodo Island, we’ll visit many islands and beaches around actual Komodo Island. The area is full of smaller and bigger islands, with reach flora and fauna. Some of the most amazing beaches can be found around Komodo Island. One of them being the Pantai Merah, or Pink Beach as everybody calls it. The Pink beach is not only amazing to see, as a natural wonder, but the waters around are incredible snorkeling spot.

On the Komodo Island itself, and Rinca Island- little sister of Komodo, you can track for few hours in order to see the Komodo Dragons, the biggest lizards on Earth. They can be spotted also in Horseshoe Bay. Monkeys, pigs, deers and herons visit the beaches here. The bird life is particularly reach, and it’s a quite a sight to spot eagles catching the fishes from the ocean.

The snorkeling equipment is on disposal at all the times. You will be able to see the wonders of the oceans meeting and mixing the species. It is also possible to see the bigger animals like Manta Rays, dolphins, even the whales happen to swim around the boat sometimes.

Liveaboard gives you a great combination of sailing, snorkeling or diving, and visiting the mainland in order to see some of the exclusiveness of Indonesian Archipelago. The Komodo dragons can be found only on Komodo islands and nowhere else on the world. Quite amazing, isn’t it?


Centrally in the Coral Triangle, North Maluku is destination special in many ways.
The diving and snorkeling will be unique experience, because of the black sand beaches and black corals, and volcanic origin islands. Sometimes they will look just like they’re coming straight up from the water.

Historically, the North Maluku was important crossroads, and battlefield for many colonizers in search of spices. Being valuable as gold, the little islands attracted many, and made them fight over these little pieces of land. Still on the islands you can find the fortresses built at that time.

Imagine the time when the Indonesian Archipelago started to be exploited, when the ships were sailing only on the power of wind. Maybe we’ll pass the same routes, maybe see the same sights like people back in time.

The nature is preserved, some of the islands uninhabited, and all of that makes it only more authentic and unique.


Cruising on the open sea, passing by scattered islands, some of them being active volcanoes. Sounds like adventure. And it is. It is fullest liveaboard adventure you can choose for yourself.

This part of Indonesian Arhipelago will show itself in all its remoteness and untouched beauty. The population is the lowest in this area, which makes the nature, flora and fauna, especially marine life almost untouched.

Banda sea is challenge and beauty itself. It is not discovered yet by the tourist, and by massive number of divers. Use the chance to sail through these waters while it’s still unexplored, and nature untouched.