At Top Indonesia Holidays we are committed to the fundamental principles of responsible travel and true sustainability. We are aware that tourism inevitably has an environmental and cultural impact, both locally and globally. We are conscious of our duty to protect and preserve rather than use and deplete. Therefore, when we bring travelers to remote (and not-so-remote) places we make absolutely sure that responsible trekking practices are followed and no litter is left behind. We also have guidelines in place for specific activities like scuba diving, so awareness is raised on how to protect, and not disturb, fragile environments.

While we strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment and cultural heritage and practice “leave-no-trace principles” on all of our trips, we do try to involve local communities as much as possible. We want our guests to experience the place and not just visit. In the cultural exchange locals and visitors can share and learn from each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Top Indonesia Holidays treats everyone with respect and professionalism and conducts business with safety, honesty and integrity.

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