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10 Days 9 Nights Package
Jakarta - Borneo - Yogyakarta - Bali

Destination brief
This voyage allows you to take in the highlights on three major islands in Indonesia: Java, Kalimantan and Bali. Indonesia is a country of great diversity, known for its natural beauty and cultural treasures. On the island of Java you will visit the sites where advanced civilizations blossomed one after the other and the great oriental religions all left their indelible mark. In Borneo, still the place with the highest biodiversity on planet Earth, you will visit the Tanjung Puting National Park and meet Orang-utan in his native habitat. (One of the few words of Malay-Indonesian origin that were absorbed into the English language is ‘orangutan’ which literally means ‘the man from the forest’.) Bali, famous ‘Island of the Gods’ is a little paradise in a class of its own, considered by many the best island destination in the world. This ten day Odyssey is a voyage that will bring many different facets of a fascinating country into focus.      

Important information:
U.S, Canadian, European and other non-South East Asian passport holders require visa for Indonesia.  Visa can easily be obtained upon arrival in Indonesia for a fee of US$25 in cash. This allows a stay of 30 days in the country. Indonesian regulations also stipulate that a visitor’s passport should have at least six months remaining validity from the day of arrival and a minimum of two empty pages for immigration stamps.


Day one : Arrival at Jakarta Airport (no meal included)

Upon arrival at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta you first purchase “visa on arrival”. Then you line up at an immigration desk to get your entry stamp. Once you have retrieved your luggage you will meet our tour guide at the main exit where he will be holding a sign with your name. After offering his welcome greetings, he will escort you to a car and take you to your hotel which is only a few minutes from the airport.

Day two : Jakarta - Pangkalanbun - Kumai - Camp Leakey (L, D)

It will be necessary to wake up for an early breakfast since we pick you from the hotel at about 07.00, and take you back to the airport in order to catch the daily flight to Pangkalan Bun by Trigana TGN 708, with a scheduled departure time departure at 09:15.

At about 10.25, you will touch down at Iskandar Airport of Pangkalanbun, which is the gateway to the Tanjung Puting National Park. Our guide will meet you here and from the airport it is a drive of only twenty minutes to the Kumai River port.
The only access to Tanjung Puting is by water so here we board a traditional wooden river boat. It takes less than half an hour to cross the Kumai River and when we reach the opposite bank we turn onto the Sekonyer River, the main artery running through the Park.
You will find that the rooftop upper deck of our ‘klotok’ is a perfect platform from which to observe the surrounding jungle. Not only is there a simple toilet on board, the boat even has a galley and a cook. While lunch is served you start seeing the first proboscis monkeys on the river bank and during the rest of the day you see much more wildlife as you smoothly glide through a landscape of truly untouched nature. At the end of the afternoon we reach Tanjung Harapan, where we stop at the Rimba Lodge, which is simple accommodation but the best available along the Sekonyer River. Dinner and overnight.

Day three : Pondok Tanggui - Camp Leakey

After an early breakfast we immediately get underway again to reach the first of the two rehabilitation centres, Pondok Tanggui, in time for the 09.00 AM feeding session of the orang-utan babies and juveniles.  Afterwards we turn on to the black river which is full of wildlife with many kinds of birds, primates, fish, as well as crocodiles. When we reach the highlight of the National Park, Camp Leakey, we first follow a hiking track into the forest to learn even more about wildlife in this forest.  At noon we return to the boat for lunch, again served by our own cook. At 14.00 we join in the orang-utan feeding program.  Feeders will lead us to the site and we bring milk and fruits. After a memorable afternoon with the men from the forest we return to the boat and go downstream again, back to Tanjung Harapan for dinner and overnight at the Rimba Lodge.

Day four : Camp Leakey - Pangkalanbun - Semarang - Borobudur (B)

We leave the Rimba Lodge at sunrise and have our breakfast on the boat. Since our klotok is going downstream it swiftly takes us back to the river port in one and a half hour. We want to be on time at Pangkalanbun Airport to catch the Kalstar Air flight to Semarang that is scheduled to leave at 08.55. Upon arrival in Semarang airport, a Top Indonesia guide will be waiting at the exit gate holding a sign with your name. From Semarang he will take you on a scenic drive of about two hours to the village of Magelang and check you into your hotel. The rest of the day is free at your leisure. 

Day five : Borobudur Sunrise, Mendut and Pawon.

Today once again we wake up early (at approximately 5:30) and for a very good reason: to witness the sun rise on the world famous Borobudur temple. Without a doubt this is the best time of the day to explore this massive Buddhist Temple- the largest in the world- and discover its magic.

It was the Sailendra dynasty that embraced Mahayana Buddhism in the early 9th century and the temple took almost 100 years to be completed. Based on an ancient text it was supposedly inaugurated in 824. Borobudur is a massive pyramid that rises up from the green plains like the neighboring volcanoes. From its 150,000-square-foot base, we have to climb up six tiers to the top. The top level is dotted with 72 small, latticework stupas, each with a statue of Buddha inside, visible through the grates.

After Borobudur we proceed with a visit to nearby Mendut temple. Older than Borobudur, built around AD 800, it is located less than two miles from Borobudur and an impressive archaeological site in its own right. Here, we see carvings that depict scenes from Buddhist literature along with Indian morality parables on the exterior, and a rare Buddha statue seated in the European style (on a chair) inside.

We finish with a visit to the Pawon Temple. From the perspective of the architecture, this temple is a combination of both ancient Javanese Hindu and Indian architecture but the location of Pawon is right on the axis line connecting the Borobudur and Mendut and it is clear there was a spiritual relationship between the three sacred places.

After a morning of monumental impressions it will be lovely to return to the comfort of the hotel. The rest of the day is free at your leisure.  

Day six : Magelang - Yogyakarta (L)

In the course of the morning we drive to Yogyakarta via Kali Adem on the slope of Mount Merapi, approximately 6 kilometers from the summit. This is probably the best place where you can see the volcano from a close range. We also make a stop at the Ullen Sentalu museum in the Kaliurang area. 

Lunch will be at the home of Pak Suryadi, a Javanese philanthropist who dedicates his times to the preservation of Javanese culture, teaching kids to play gamelan, puppets carving and performance. We visit him in his Javanese “Joglo” and he will proudly share his knowledge of Javanese culture. You will experience everyday life joining a Javanese family for lunch in their private home.

In the afternoon we take you to the Prambanan temple complex, that most remarkable example of Hindu temple architecture. We go around the temple grounds by horse carriage and visit the principal towers with their elaborate Ramayana bas-reliefs.

From Prambanan we take you to your hotel in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the undisputed cultural capital of Indonesia and the principal repository of its heritage. It is a thriving center of classical Javanese arts such as batik, ballet, music, poetry and puppet theater. Fiercely independent and protective of its ancient customs, Yogya and its surrounding area remains an ‘autonomous region’ within the Republic of Indonesia, ruled by a hereditary Sultan who is the secular Provincial Governor at the same time. 

Day seven : Yogyakarta - Bali

In the morning we will take you to visit the Kraton. This is the Sultan’s Palace that was built between 1756 and 1790, a splendid example of traditional Javanese court architecture. Conceived not only as the Royal residence, but built as the focal point of the entire kingdom, the palace was built as a miniature model of the Javanese-Hindu State. Each gateway, pavilion, courtyard, even trees and open fields (‘alun-alun’) carry a different symbolical meaning.

Next we will take you on a becak (Rickshaw-pedicab) ride from the Kraton to visit the Taman Sari Complex, which is also known as the Water Castle, built in 1758 as an elaborate retreat with  a two-story mansion built on an elevated mound arising out of an artificial lake. Its impressive facilities include an underwater tunnel, sunken bathing pools, meditation chambers and 18 lavish tropical gardens.

In the afternoon we take you to Adisucipto airport for your flight to Bali.

We suggest Garuda Indonesia flight GA 252 that leaves at 1640 and arrives at Ngurah Rai International airport Denpasar at 1855.
Upon arrival in Bali, you go directly to the luggage belt to retrieve your luggage. At the exit you meet your Balinese guide who is as usual waiting with a sign with your name.  From the airport we take you to your hotel in Ubud. Ubud and the surrounding villages are the cultural heartland of Bali. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful; undulating rice terraces are interspersed with majestic hundred year old trees and several dramatic gorges slice through these foothills; traditional Bali has a remarkably resilient culture that is still fully alive and around Ubud one finds incredible magic and beauty everywhere. The Balinese are master sculptors and painters, Balinese dance and music are equally famous and the Hindu ceremonies are a major attraction.

Day eight : Ubud Village Tour - Walking and Cycling (L)

On this day we let you experience the spectacular beauty of Bali and the unique culture of its inhabitants. The fundamental concept of Balinese Hindu philosophy is “Tri Hita Karana” (three sources of happiness) and provides the outline of a way of life whereby one strives to reach harmonious relationships with God, with fellow man and with nature. In the morning we take you on a cycling tour through the villages around Ubud and you will be able to witness first-hand how traditional people do run their life according to those guidelines. You will experience the intriguing daily routine of the Balinese in its most traditional rural setting. You will meet fine craftsmen who welcome you into to their homes. You will enjoy the spectacular views of the terraced rice fields and learn about Bali's complex Subak irrigation system. We will serve you a picnic lunch somewhere along the way. 

Day nine : Ubud Whitewater Rafting and Dance performance (L, D)

In the morning we take you to the Begawan Camp, North of Ubud where an   experienced rafting team will fit you with life jackets and a paddle and guide you down the stairs to the bank of the Ayung River. Before the departure you receive an in-depth safety and equipment briefing from your own rafting guide. This two hour spectacular rafting trip down the Ayung River provides a thrill that begins the moment you push off from the river banks. The scenery from jungle to rice fields is breath-taking and the water is warm! On the more leisurely stretches through tropical forests you will see Hindu shrines that are brightly decorated on ceremonial days of prayer. A lunch buffet is prepared at the finish point marking the end of your trip.

No visit to Ubud is complete without witnessing a traditional dance performance. Balinese dances are colorful re-enactments of classic Hindu legends and in Balinese culture dance is truly a sacred art.
In the evening we take you to Laka Leke: the restaurant serves fine Indonesian food in pavilions overlooking rice fields. During dinner you watch one of the classic Balinese dances.
Day ten : Departure (B)

Breakfast in the hotel.
The morning is free at your leisure. At the appropriate time our guide will meet you at the lobby to transfer you to the airport for your return flight or the one to your next destination.

End of services
Kumai River
Orang Utan
Klotok on Sekonyer River
Borobudur Temple Sunrise
Mendut Temple
Pawon Temple
museum Ullen Sentalu
Ramayana Dance at Perambanan
horse carriage
the terraced rice fields
Ayung river rafting
Barong Dance