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Top diving suggestions

For those who wish to experience the wonders of the underwater world and seriously search for the purest habitat that can be found on the planet, Indonesia should be the destination of choice. Top Indonesia’s founder Sugeng is a diver himself and whenever he feels like taking a plunge he does not need to go far. Even in the North of Bali there are some choice diving spots. But for a real diving vacation Bali would only be a start. One of the top areas is the Komodo National Park. Located some 500 kilometers east of Bali, this is an archipelago of about eighty islands set between Flores to the east and Sumbawa to the west. Not only is the Park the only spot on the planet where one finds the famous Jurassic ‘dragons’ in the wild, underwater it also offers a universe of spectacular beauty. Among endless schools of pelagic fish and too many species to mention, in these waters it is not unusual to encounter manta rays, whale sharks or hammerheads.

The ultimate top-of-the-line for the real aficionado’s is the enchanted Raja Ampat archipelago, North of Papua. This is the very heart of the Coral Triangle. With more species of corals and marine life than anywhere else on earth, the area leads the world when it comes to marine bio-diversity. Even the most jaded divers who ‘have seen it all’ will find themselves mesmerized by the unique beauty of this underwater paradise.

Eighteen days diving between Maluku and Papua

Six days diving Komodo

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