The founder and team leader of Top Indonesia is a family man himself and understands the challenge to design family holidays in such a way that they both provide a great time to the parents and an exciting educational experience to their offspring. Our programs are a good mix of activities and relaxation and we are confident they will provide the new generation with those unforgettable childhood memories like we all still cherish them ourselves.

As a destination the country is extremely child-friendly. The Indonesian people love kids and most hotels specifically cater to the demands of families. Free kids' club activity programs are common, and so are large family rooms and special children's meals. Babysitters are readily available at extremely reasonable rates.

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Top Suggestions for families
For a wonderful day that the kids will never forget, your first choice should be to visit the legendary Waterbom Park. The Park opened in 1993 with 8 slides and is now home to more than 20 world class waterslides and leisure facilities for all ages. Located in the heart of Kuta, Waterbom is literally an oasis surrounded by tropical gardens. These exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for everyone, both the young and the young at heart! The kids will be unstoppable and you can set your own pace for a day of fun in the sun or relaxation in the shade. For relaxation, drift leisurely in a tube raft or go for a tranquil dip in one of the pools. The pleasure pool and its nearby thatched gazebos are a perfect chill-out haven. Or if you like to make friends, join in a game of water volleyball. Then share a drink and swap stories at the Sunken Pool Bar just a stretch away. A soothing massage or spa treatment is another way to unwind. For those who want privacy there are stylish thatched-roof Gazebos for rent. With a choice of dining outlets and a swim up bar for tropical drinks, Waterbom Bali is the number one leisure park on the island.


The Bali Bird Park is located in Singapadu, roughly halfway between Sanur and Ubud, and this wonderful natural sanctuary with more than 2000 tropical plants and trees provides a safe haven to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species. At the Bali Bird Park you enter a fascinating world of exotic sights and sounds. Hundreds of the world's rarest and most beautiful birds greet you as you stroll through the tropical gardens. You will be enthralled by the variety and radiance of Indonesian parrots and in addition to rare Cassowaries, Black Palm Cockatoos and Hornbills you will find a fascinating collection of Birds of Paradise. On your path through the park you will wander through a mist-shrouded walk-in aviary, home to free flying birds in a dense rainforest setting. Several vantage points have been strategically positioned to catch glimpses of free flying birds as they follow their survival instincts of foraging for food, nesting and mating. These protected enclosures safeguard rare species from outside predators, whilst still exposing them to the various aspects of living in the wild.The Bali Bird Park incorporates a breeding, research and veterinary facility and has been hugely successful in the captive reproduction of exotic birds. With its advanced nursery and fully trained staff, Bali Bird Park is a caring home for birds and an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. In the middle of this splendid tropical greenery there is a lovely restaurant serving delicious cuisine from around the world with a symphony of birdsong resonating in the background.


The Elephant Park is located in Taro, a village off the beaten track in the green heart of Bali, a drive of less than half an hour north of Ubud. The Park is operated by Bali Adventure Tours, one of the local pioneers in white water rafting and mountain cycling tours and they offer a visit to the Park primarily as a full day excursion from any hotel in the South of Bali with an elephant ride and lunch included or as inclusion in an overnight stay at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge. Of course it is also possible to visit on your own accord and pay the single entrance fee of USD 19 for adults and USD 10 for kids. That does not include a safari ride but still gives you the opportunity to experience these amazing animals and touch, feed, and play with them. The Elephant Park has a heroic history. In 1997 Bali Adventure Tours founder and owner Nigel Mason was approached by someone who offered nine elephants for sale that had been brought to Bali and were living in dried out rice field in extremely poor conditions. After Nigel had taken in these nine neglected animals, he learned about the general fate of Sumatran elephants whose habitat was being destroyed by the palm oil industry. He travelled to Sumatra and rescued another herd of 18. The difficulty of adopting and transporting these elephants was enormous and took almost four and a half years. The Elephant Safari Park is an official member of the World Zoo Association, and meets international standards for animal welfare. It is the only place in the world where you can sleep amongst 27 endangered Sumatran elephants and the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin said it was the ‘best elephant park he had ever seen’. Everyone else will equally come away most impressed.
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