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Top Indonesia sea routes are meant as suggestions for the interesting courses that ships may follow through the archipelago. These routes are planned on the basis of a vessel covering between 50 and 200 nautical miles per 24 hours but they are indeed for planning purposes only and it must be understood that cruises on small sailing vessels are always subject to weather and sea conditions. Indonesia is not affected by tropical cyclones but the climate is influenced by the Australasian monsoon which causes a seasonal reversal of the general wind direction. The islands are under the influence of the NW monsoon from November to March, which is the rainiest period, and the SE monsoon from April to October, which brings a steady flow of gentler winds and drier weather. In the great days of sail when ships had no auxiliary power, ship owners and captains had learned to plan eastward voyages towards the Spice Islands during the NW monsoon so they could start the return voyage to the West by taking advantage of the SE monsoon. Obviously it makes sense to remember these lessons from the past and plan your own cruise accordingly. While modern ships may use their engine to power against headwinds when necessary, this will bring some spray on the deck and going downwind is always a drier experience. Whatever the season may be, close to the islands land and sea breezes predominate. 

Since sailors must take advantage of favorable winds and currents and it is always safest to plan a landfall during daylight, voyaging at sea requires a flexible attitude. Plans may often change. When you discover a particularly pleasant anchorage you may decide to stay longer than originally planned. When you find a harbor more crowded than expected, you may opt to cut your stay short. You also have to accept that the vast distances, especially in the eastern archipelago, will   frequently necessitate overnight passages.

Bali to Kupang_650 miles

Komodo Archipelago 75-100 miles

Komodo and North Coast Flores 250 miles

Cruising the Alor Archipelago from Maumere 425 miles

Maumere-Flores to Ambon-Maluku_850 miles

Papua_ Raja Ampat 500 miles

Maluku- Ambon to Ternate 500 miles

Ternate_Halmahera_Morotai_Sorong 650 miles

Sorong to Ternate 400 miles

Maumere to Manado 1250 miles

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Top Indonesia Sea Routes


Maumere via Tanimbar and Kai to Ambon 1250 miles 14 days