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Tugu Blitar
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To discover the real, unspoiled East Java means a visit to the town and surroundings of Blitar. Blitar is where most of the remains of
Majapahit Kingdom still stand timeless, including the largest and most beautiful Hindu temple complex in East Java, Candi Penataran. This
nostalgic town portrays the untouched, exotic Java, surrounded by some beautiful, unspoilt beaches, tropical landscape, beautiful rice fields
and countryside sceneries. It also has a romantic flair of the early days of Indonesia; in fact Blitar is where Soekarno, Indonesia’s first
president who proclaimed the independence of this country, was born and buried. Blitar kept its indigenous Javanese character: traditional
market, old town-square ‘Alun-Alun’, and public transports dominated by becaks (old-style tricyclevehicle).

Hotel Tugu Blitar, unprecedentedly the best hotel and restaurant in town and located atthe heart of the city, is housed in a colonial building
that was built in the 1850s, and waspreviously owned by a distinguished family of Blitar. After the second World War, the hotel was called
Hotel Centrum; many years after the name was changed to Hotel Sri Lestari. Hotel Sri Lestari still exists until now as a neighboring hotel to
Hotel Tugu Blitar - both hotels are now one entity called the Tugu - Sri Lestari. Although located in the heart of town, the hotel buildings blend
into a large lawn of lush, hundreds-years-old tropical trees, and are preceded by a long driveway well-shaded by tropical hanging plants.
Being the oldest hotel in Indonesia, the hotel building appears as a beautiful East Javanese mansion from the Dutch colonial times, with giant
white-washed pillars, furniture from the late 19th century and the early 20th century, nostalgic photographs and elegant chandeliers. The
building was carefully renovated to its every detail in the beginning of this century, to preserve its artistic, charismatic, and historical
characters but blending them with modern luxuries. Hotel Tugu Blitar features the Sang Fajar (The Dawn) Suite as a tribute paid to the late first
president and proclamator of independence of Indonesia.

Hotel Tugu Blitar
Jalan Merdeka 173, Blitar

To get to Blitar is a 1.5 hour drive from Malang and 3 hour drive from Surabaya airport through picturesque natural landscapes of ricefields
and East Javanese villages. The hotel arranges transfers and very interesting tours of the area

  • Air conditioning
  • Bath
  • Bathrobes
  • Shower (all rooms)
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini bar
  • Slippers
  • English Newspaper
  • VCD and DVD player

  • A most unique, extraordinarily spacious suite dedicated to the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, who
    was also the proclamator of independence of this country in 1945. Soekarno, a handsome gentleman loved
    by the people of Indonesia for his charming charisma, was born and buried in Blitar. With separate living
    room and bedroom, this grand presidential suite features several memorabilia of the late president, and
    presents a style of the earlier years of Indonesia.
    Spacious suites dominated by large canopied bed, authentic East Javanese flair, beautiful outdoor bath
    and old terrazzo tiles. Tugu Suites are located in the main colonial building from the 1850s, and are the
    perfect relaxing home to return to after a day of cultural and sightseeing experience in Blitar area.
    Neighboring to Tugu Blitar is Sri Lestari hotel. All rooms in this area are surrounded by the wide, shady
    backyard with large trees and equipped with TV, direct dial phone, hot and cold water, and in-room air
    conditioning (except only cold water in Standard & Mungil room, and exhaust fan in Mungil room).
    Standard & Mungil rooms are mostly used for tour leaders, guides and driver of the guests.
  • CD, VCD and DVD library
  • International channels
  • In-room safe
  • Telephone (direct dial)
  • Umbrella

  • Waroeng Jawa

    Waroeng Jawa is a popular local meeting point especially in the late afternoon, where guests gather for
    afternoon tea and cakes (complimentary for in-house guests). A humble traditional Javanese-style stall lit
    by oil lamps, featuring a variety of traditional snacks and cakes as well as a vast choice of local tea,
    coffee or herbal drinks are attended by Mbah Man (Grandfather Man), a sweet Javanese man with the
    warmest toothless smile and most humble Javanese hospitality. Mbah Man is now
    • Wifi internet connection
    • Laundry Servic
    • Complimentary Car Park
    • Daily High Tea with traditional delicacies
    • Meeting Room
    • Secretarial Services
    Lali Djiwa Heritage Spa

    Lali Djiwa Heritage Spa will connect you the secrets of the ancient mystical Java: authentic treatments
    from our ancient traditions that combined aspects of spirituality with the physical healing arts to achieve
    the ultimate balance of mind, body and soul.
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