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Tugu Malang
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Malang is a  town in East Java much   favored for its cool  temperature and beautiful mountainous nature. Malang was where Dutch  planters
and civil servants used to retire until the early 1900s. The old town is dotted with Dutch colonial era houses, small antique shops, old
Chinese-Indonesian  temple  etc.  Malang is  surrounded  by  apple and tea  plantations, botanical garden, and hundreds-years-old temple
ruins. It is also an ideal base to explore the beautiful volcanic Mount  Bromo, the hidden, exotic countryside beauty of East Java, as well as
beautiful, un-spoilt white-sand southern beaches.

Hotel Tugu Malang is a must-see destination by itself. Located right at the heart of the old city centre, it is an elegant mansion that tells the
romantic stories of the island of Java. The proprietors’ collection of hundreds and hundreds of antiques tastefully adorn every corner of the
hotel, walking guests through the heritages of the Dutch colonial era, the gradual fusion of the Indonesian and the Chinese cultures over
many centuries as well as the humble beauty of traditional Indonesian masterpieces. Each of its  49 rooms  and suites  is  designed with
individual character; some have been dedicated as tributes to Indonesian art heroes of the past.

Tugu Malang
Jalan Tugu Malang 3 

• 3 hour drive from Surabaya airport

• Air conditioning
• Bath
• Bathrobes
• Shower (all rooms)
• Hair dryer
• Mini bar
• Slippers

This suite is inspired by the life of Raden Saleh, a great artist of the royal Javanese family and forefather of
modern Indonesian paintings who lived in Java during the mid-19th century. The suite, which consists of a
beautiful bedroom  and a separate living area, has a romantic air of Java in the 19th-century, with authentic
Javanese furniture from the 1850s.
The  Babah Suite  portrays the life  of the Peranakan or "Nonya  Baba"  society in Malang around the 1850s.
The original Nonya Baba culture began when young men left mainland China in search for more prosperous
lives in Southeast Asia, a tradition that began more than four centuries ago. These young married local girls in
the islands where these men then settled. Through  the years, a new culture was gradually formed by these
mixed marriages: a product of a fusion between the local cultures, Chinese culture, as well as the influence
from the West, with the Chinese culture commonly  being the most dominant influence. In the 1950s, the
peranakan lifestyle gradually became harder to find, as more and more old houses were demolished and the
contents of these houses were dispersed.
The Zamrud Suite features the traditional beauty of East Java. The five Zamrud Suites are differentiated by
interior layouts, colors, decors, elegant antique beds, and curios. Albeit designed with a strong traditional
East Java atmosphere, the Zamrud Suites and the Babah Suite are well equipped with modern luxuries.
Located  on the third floor and  facing  the “Jan  Pieterszoon  Coen  Plein“,  this  spacious, romantic suite is
located on the 3rd floor, facing the main ‘alun-alun’ (the main square in front of the main city hall, with a
large pond of lotus blooms and  a historical monument “Tugu” in the middle of the square). This suite has a
romantic outdoor area, a perfect place for a candlelit dinner under stars, facing the alun-alun Tugu.

• English Newspaper
• VCD and DVD player
• CD, VCD and DVD library
• International channels
• In-room safe
• Telephone (direct dial)
• Umbrella
This suite, located near the Apsara Residence, has a style that is best described as a more contemporary 
Southeast  Asian Bohemian. The headboard of the low bed is  a  beautiful, colorful wall painting of the Apsara

The Executive Suites  and Superior  Deluxe rooms  are located  on all floors. Some of the Executive Suites and
Superior Deluxe rooms are overlooking  the huge water lily pond and the Tugu  city monument,  while  some
others open to lush tropical  greens through  their private  balconies.  The  Executive  Suites  feature 
additional  sitting  area  with sofa  and armchairs, with oversized handcrafted tubs in the bathrooms. Several
Superior Deluxe rooms have separate writing area overlooking  the garden; some Executive  Suites are sub-
categorized as Malang Tempoe Doeloe Suites for their nostalgic “Malang in the Old Dutch colonial times”

Melati Restaurant

The only restaurant in Malang that features a classic, romantic Malang Tempo Doeloe (Nostalgic Times of Malang) atmosphere, Melati Restaurant is famous for its original Indonesian home-cooking old recipes, its Chinese Peranakan menu, as well as a vast menu of tender, juicy steaks, ranging from old Dutch Colonial recipes of batter-fried steaks to gourmet French-style grilled steaks. With its complete breakfast bread menu all baked fresh from the oven daily, this restaurant is also a favorite breakfast and brunch spot, the only one of its kind with its serene Javanese atmosphere and lush tropical greens. The 24-hour  Melati Restaurant has catered to a row of presidents and ministers of Indonesia.
• Business   Center   +   WIFI   Internet Connection
• Bike rental
• Dry Cleaning/Laundry Services
• Complimentary Car Park
• Daily Sunset High Tea with traditional delicacies
• Swimming pool
• Library of books, Film and CD
• Meeting Room
• Safe Deposit Boxes
• Tea Making Facility in Rooms
• Postal & Shipping Services
• Secretarial Services
• Foreign Currency Exchange
• Welcome relaxation foot and shoulder massage
• Rent Car
• Apsara Spa
• 24 hour Restaurant with live music at night
• Ban Lam Wine Lounge & Bar
• Shanghai Noon Boutique & Jewelry
• Warong Shanghai 1920 Art Shop and Antique Gallery
Apsara Spa

The atmosphere of the  Apsara  Spa is  inspired  by the romantic  tales  of the relationship between
Indonesia and Cambodia hundreds of years back, whereas the treatments are inspired by the serene,
heavenly beauty of the Apsara goddess dancers (see explanation  of Apsaras under the Apsara Suite
above). The Apsara Spa is an oasis of peace, a heaven  on earth secluded from the outer world.
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