Junction of ancient cultures

Java Island

The mountain range stretching the length of the island of Java has a staggering 121 active volcanoes. The fast-paced megacity of Jakarta, Indonesian’s capital, lies in the west. However, rural Java is a place of incredible natural beauty. You will be amazed by the famous volcanic wonder of Mt Bromo and inspired by nature reserves where you can walk in clouded leopard country with wild peacocks or, if you are up early, catch the magical 20-minute song of the gibbon. Perhaps check out the coastline and its famous surfing spots. There are coffee plantations steeped in Dutch colonial history, and you can find high-country tea fields alongside terraced rice fields. Explore the impressive 

UNESCO heritage site of Borobudur, a massive 9th-century Buddhist temple. Then move on to its magnificent neighbour, Prambanan Temple, an ancient Hindu temple, one of the largest Hindu in Southeast Asia. Discover the grand royal cities of Yogyakarta and Solo, each with its own palace. The art scene in Java is particularly vibrant, with stunning batik and textiles and the famed Ramayana ballet, alongside a great contemporary art and food scene.  

Junction of 

Ancient cultures

Java as Heart of The Nation

As a result of its colorful past Javanese culture is a compound of many different influences. Traveling through Java is like going through a history book. In addition one travels through an incredible range of spellbinding landscapes.

In between the Krakatoa in the west and the rugged Kawah Ijen Plateau in the East one finds unspoiled beaches, picturesque highland lakes, wildlife reserves, bird sanctuaries and much more that is unexpected. The list of fascinating things to see and places to visit is endless.

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Selogriyo Temple

Selogriyo Temple is an ancient relic in Windusari, Magelang Regency, Central Java. The temple was probably built in the 9th century AD, during the time of the ancient Mataram Kingdom. It is located at the head of a small valley, with many terraced rice-fields on the slopes. This small Hindu temple is located on a hill and nestled in a graceful natural environment.

Midnight Blue Fire Flame at Ijen Plateu

The blue flame fire is phenomenal, which it can only be seen at night, It is the result of ignited liquid sulfur burning from the volcanic crater. Ijen is one of the two places in the world to view this (the other in Iceland), providing you an up-close look at the rare vista. 

Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan Temple is undoubtedly a magnificent piece of architecture and the sculptures and reliefs on the main Shiva temple are amongst the best examples of Hindu art to be found. The main temple complex consisted of 8 main and 8 minor temples on a central courtyard, surrounded by 244 small temples in the outer compound.