Tropical treasure of flora and fauna

Kalimantan Island

It’s the third largest island in the world, with one of the world’s last remaining tropical rainforests (130 million years old). If you wish to encounter indigenous tribes and sleep in a Dayak village longhouse, this can be arranged. The Kapuas Hulu region offers boat trips and soft-trekking through primary forests, a vast wetland national park to explore, traditional village life and orangutans in the wild. Add to that sun bears, clouded leopards, proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants and over 300 bird species, and you have a nature experience on another level.

Explore the clear, turquoise waters of the Sangalaki Archipelago, a world-renowned diving destination which is teaming with sea life including mantas, green turtles and sea horses. You can meet sea gypsies - the Bajau people. Ever heard of the floating markets in Banjarmasin? They’re a feast of colour, and historically was the centre of trade dating back hundreds of years. Diving, river cruises, exotic wildlife, culture and jungle trekking are just some of the offerings of this jungle-clad island. 

Tropical treasure of

Flora and fauna

Explore Kalimantan With Us

Mountains, forests and mighty rivers stretch across the interior but vast areas are literally impenetrable so a great way to travel inland is on one of the rivers, such as the Mahakam River in the East, where comfortable river cruises have been operating from the river port of Samarinda since many years. 

Alternatively one can decide to use one of the small regional airports in the south as the starting point of a visit, such as Palangkaraya or Pangkalanbun that allow for relatively easy access into one of the National Parks.

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