Spice islands that added flavor to history

Maluku Island

If you are after lines of palm trees where the jungle meets white sandy beaches, then the Maluku offers this and more. It is said to have Indonesia’s richest coral reefs, with diving and snorkelling centering on the Ambon and Banda Islands. However, liveaboard itineraries can be tailor-made to take you beyond, where you can explore lesser-known exquisite coral drop-offs and remote atolls. For really unique diving discover the Bandaneira lava flow dive sight. You may, on the other hand, be tempted by Manusela National Park which is located on Seram Island. It has a unique rainforest ecosystem. The largest of the park’s six mountains, Mount Binaiya towers to a staggering 3,027 meters. 

The Malukus were formerly known as the Spice Islands. They stretch from Sulawesi to Papua and have a fascinating past. If you love history, do not miss the spice tour in Banda. You can also explore groves of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and tropical walnuts, and meet the friendly local characters. Equally delightful are the Tanimbar Islands and Gunung Api, where you only need to walk a 1 km trail to the top for fantastic views. Extreme beauty awaits you in the Kei Islands where you will find soft white sands, blue sea, and no tourists. The Malukus are marvellous. 

Spice islands that added 

Flavor to history

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An amazing historical footnote is the fact that in 1667, under the Treaty of Breda, the small island of Run near Banda was ceded by the English to the Dutch in exchange for Manhattan. The tumultuous history of Maluku clarifies how several islands in the archipelago came to harbour cosmopolitan societies where spice traders from different backgrounds established settlements and enclaves. Understandably these outposts far from the mother countries attracted t6he more adventurous and colorful characters.  

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Banda Islands

Banda Islands waters is located among the cluster of Neira island, Gunung Api island, Ai island, Sjahrir Island and Hatta Island that settled in Maluku Tengah regency. By settled in strategic location, this island has very rich biodiversity.

Ora Beach

Pantai Ora offers a natural beauty that is second to none, one more proof for the tourists out there that Indonesia has such beautiful beach like this. As far as we can see, the charm of the beauty of the beach is worth aligned with other beautiful beaches like Boracay beach in the Philippines or the Bora-Bora in the Pacific Ocean.

Pattimura Monument

Pattimura was from Saparua. He was the one who stand for country against the Dutch colonialists in the Year of 1817. Pattimura had succeed to attack Durstede fortress that belong to the Dutch in Saparua Island, and he then took over the fortress by kill all the troops and the Dutch community around there, but he let the Son of Resident vazn den Berg who was a child alive.