Crown jewel of colorful contrasts                 

Sulawasi Island

Sulawesi is a hidden wonder which combines stunning high-country scenery with world class diving in pristine waters. Heading inland to Tana Toraja, you come face to face with an ancient culture which dates back to around 30,000 BC. There are over 400 granite megaliths in the region. Elaborate burial ceremonies still take place. These often take several days and include spectacular dances, dramatic ritual chants and the slaughtering of buffaloes. Wakatobi, a marine national park, boasts world-class diving. It is, however, matched by the lesser known Togian Islands. Way off the beaten track, the Togians offer the opportunity to dive or snorkel around a volcano with dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, pilot whales, barracudas and huge groupers.

Bunaken, another marine park, has some of the world's most exceptional coral gardens. It’s also worth heading off to beautiful Lore Lindu, an important forested national park in the central highlands which is home to prolific wildlife, including some 77 endemic bird species, and some remarkable megaliths. Sulawesi is the go-to gem to discover.

Crown jewel of 

colorful contrasts   

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The people of North Sulawesi have a strong tradition of trade and contact with the outside world. Its capital Manado is also the gateway to Bunaken, a marine park with some of the world's most exceptional coral gardens. Down South, 

Wakatobi is another marine national park with world-class diving.

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Labengki Island

A great vacation involves a wondrous tourist spot and a nice weather. Here is a recommended tourist attraction, which is located in Southeast Sulawesi Province. The name is Labengki Island and it is part of North Konawe Regency. One thing that makes it popular is the formation of coral reefs in many parts of the island.

Ke'te Kesu' World Heritage

Ke'te Kesu' is a quaint, traditional village concealed in the mountainous region of TanaToraja, South Sulawesi. It sits amidst a vast expanse of rice fields, and is the oldest village in the Sanggalangi district. The village is over 400 years old, and is said to have not changed at all in the last 400 years. 

Bori World Heritage

Bori Kalimbuang is the place of ancient Menhir. There are around 102 menhirs those magnificently standing firms. All these different sizes of composition and placement looks very beautiful and lovely. There are 24 stones in large size, 24 medium size and other 54 is small-sized