Hotel Tugu Bali

The Art, Soul And Romance Of Indonesia

The Resort

The hotel is designed to bring back to life the romantic, forgotten tales of Java and Bali. The hotel, owned by an Indonesian who has been collecting antiques since the early 1960s, is home to one of the largest original art collections in Southeast Asia.

The main building, the Bale Agung, features a distinctive architecture inspired by a secluded village in Central Bali, whereas some of the public areas are original hundreds-years-old structures moved in entirety into the property. The suites are housed in individual buildings tucked in lush tropical gardens and natural lotus pond facing the Indian Ocean.

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All guest accommodations are within steps from the beach, housed in traditional thatchedroof buildings. All ground floor suites (Dedari Suites) have private plunge pool and open air bathroom, whereas the second floor suites (Rejang Suites) have ocean-view and private spa area with unique sunken tub.


Indonesia’s Cultural Dining Series

At Hotel Tugu Bali, the mission of bringing to life the art, culture, and romance of Bali and Java does not stop at decoration and interior design. How you dine is not only about food, but it also involves many other aspects such as theme, setting, ritual of service, atmosphere, presentation, traditions, and history. Possibilities offered are unlimited, as rich as Indonesian culture.

When you dine at Tugu, travel back through time up to hundreds of years, and find yourself in different eras, places, as well as forgotten, no longer-existent experiences of Indonesia, such as:

• Balinese Rajadom, Royal Balinese Dining • Royal Tugudom, The Grand Ceremonial Dining of Majapahit Kingdom • Grand Rijsttafel, Dutch Colonialism-era Smorgasbord • Babah Peranakan Dinner, Homecooking of the Island Chinese Peranakan Families • Selamatan Panjang Umur Mak Co, Celebration of Long Life & Happiness with Mak Co • Sate Iboe Sarongan Tanah Djawa & Bali, The Satay Parade of the Village Vendors • The Forgotten Spices Of The Archipelago, Djamoe Herbal Drinks • Megibung, Exotic Ancient Balinese Feast • Selamatan Jaranan, A Javanese Popular Tradition for Dining Together • Full Moon Beach BBQ, A Communion with Elements • Afternoon High Tea Jajan Pasar, An Enchantment of Local Delicacies

Bale Puputan

An elegant, late 19th century atmospheric room, commemorating the Balinese Heroes who had opted to take their own lives rather than admitting defeat during the “Battle to the Last Man,” i.e. Puputan of Badung 1906 and in Klungkung 1908. The room hosts memorabilia of venerable Balinese royal families, some of them dating back to the 19th century and some relating to the Puputan War. In this room, the most famous dining ritual is the authentic Grand Rijsttafel and the Balinese Rajadom.

Dancing & Gamelan Class

Traditional Balinese dance and gamelan music are known to be one of the most beautiful in Indonesia, and unfortunately the most authentic versions are getting harder and harder to find. Experience and join us celebrating the magical culture of the Island of the Gods.


Heavenly Wedding

At Tugu Bali, orchestrate the wedding of your dreams in various stunning settings, whether the ceremony consists of a couple or as many as 300 guests.

From marriage papers, blessings & ceremonies, custom-made menus, beautiful decoration, dance performances, floral services, wedding bouquets, luscious wedding cakes, to professional photography and videotaping services, our wedding coordinator will make sure that every step of your wedding arrangement is worry-free and flawless, that all your wishes are thoroughly fulfilled, and that this most special day will remain in sweetest memories for many years to come.


The Waroeng Djamoe Spa at Hotel Tugu Bali brings back to life the authentic, rich history of spa in the islands of Java and Bali. Every spa treatment is based on the wellbeing secrets of the East, some of which does not exist anymore nowadays. Indulging and pampering, the Waroeng Djamoe Spa presents rituals that are not only focused on relaxation and beauty, but it is pampering, but also bring peace and relaxation not only to the physical body, but for the mind and soul alike.

Kamar “Mantra”

Spiritually serene and surreally mystical, Kamar Mantra, a haven of tranquility separate from the ordinariness, is inspired by the Hindu mantras – multifaceted expression of enlightened awareness, achieved through a verbal formula repeated in meditation or incantation. Kamar Mantra features the Mantra therapy, where the therapist chants mantra during the treatment using heated, soothing herbal oils, putting both mind and physics to a state of bliss and harmony.


At Tugu Bali, where the heart leads is where one dines day and night. One may choose any of the available dining venues described below, or pick a most favorite romantic spot anywhere - in the garden, at the quiet beach, private dining pavilion for two above the lotus pond and so on…only surrounded by nature, torch lights and candle lights.

At Tugu Bali, every wish is made possible. Please refer to our 101 Dining Temptations booklet for more details on various most memorable dining experiences.

Gubug Nglamun Leha-leha

“Nglamun Leha-leha” is a Javanese expression for daydreaming and lazing. It is an intimate al-fresco treatment hut filled with sea breeze and the sound of waves. The signature Keraton Leha-leha treatment for two is usually done here, a head-to-toe pampering that is a combination of Javanese massage, spice scrub, milk splash, and more.

Cooking Class

The cooking class is a unique lifestyle experience that speaks of hundreds years old of traditions, of the beautiful humbleness and the exotic richness of Indonesian dining and cooking culture, all at the same time. The class begins with a visit to Balinese traditional market where you will submerge into the daily Balinese way of living. Pick the recipes you favor most and finish with a Waroeng meal experience, eating with bare hands surrounded by stone grinders, and traditional steamers on wood-fire terracotta stoves in the open kitchen

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Barong Garden

Bali, Indonesia