Hotel Tugu Lombok

The Art, Soul And Romance Of Indonesia

The Resort

Hotel Tugu Lombok is located on the pristine, miles and miles of virgin white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island. Neighboring this tropical haven is a beautiful 18 hole-golf course and virgin landscapes, traditional thatched roofed huts and empty green fields where local life continues in today’s age much the same as it has done for centuries. 

The Hotel Tugu Lombok land comprises of approximately six hectares of mature palm plantations, facing the open ocean and the sunrise of Mount Rinjani.

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Although we confess to a preference for beauty over size, we do not see it as our task to judge these boats on their authentic features or even their performance under sail. The selection of fifteen ships that you find on this page has been made on the level of comfort and service they offer, as well as on their ability to keep a schedule when covering large distances. We judge them on the experience they deliver.


With such tranquility and untouched natural beauty, calm waters and a mystical view of Mount Rinjani, the Spa at Hotel Tugu Lombok provides the ultimate experience to find bliss and wellbeing for the body and soul. The Hening Swarga Spa temple, open air, inviting the Indian Ocean breeze; a subtle hint of incenses and tropical flowers surrounding the temple. In its silence, one can hear the heavenly song of Bhagavat Gita, sung by the gods and goddesses – just like in the time of the Majapahit kingdom.

The Hening Swarga Spa, consists of a giant open-air temple spa room with nooks lit by oil lamps, an extra-long spa bed for both spouses to enjoy treatment head-to-head, a giant Jacuzzi bathtub with jets, fully facing the Indian Ocean, hundreds-years-old relief of temples on display, and staircases leading up to the top of the temple, where a magical dinner under the full moon, yoga or meditation can be held next to the soaring tower of beautiful Singhasari and Majapahit statues as well as 180 degrees of oceanview, surrounded by palm trees. The spa shop sells jamus and spa spices from the archipelago.


At Tugu Lombok, where the heart leads is where one dines day and night. One may choose any of the available dining venues described below, or pick a most favorite romantic spot anywhere - in the garden, at the quiet beach, private dining pavilion for two above the lotus pond and so on…only surrounded by nature, torches and candle lights. At Tugu Lombok, every wish is made possible.

Please refer to our 101 Dining Temptations booklet for more details on various most memorable dining experiences.

Lara Djonggrang Bar

A traditional hut with hundred-year-old thick wooden benches and tables, a long old teak bar, oil lamps and semi-open bamboo windows and beautiful artworks. Lara Djonggrang bar is chicly primitive, with sweet traditional tunes during the day and sensual lounge music playing in the evening with a brick-walled wine cellar.


Indonesia’s Cultural Dining Series

At Hotel Tugu Lombok, the mission of bringing to life the art, culture, and romance of old Lombok does not stop at decoration and interior design. How you dine is not only about food, but it also involves many other aspects such as theme, setting, ritual of service, atmosphere, presentation, traditions, and history. Possibilities offered are unlimited, as rich as Indonesian culture. When you dine at Tugu, travel back through time up to hundreds of years, and find yourself in different eras, places, as well as forgotten, no longer-existent experiences of Indonesia.

Dancing Class

Traditional dance are known to be one of the most beautiful in Indonesia, and unfortunately the most authentic versions are getting harder and harder to find. Experience and join us celebrating the magical culture of the island of Lombok.

Cooking Class

The cooking class in Waroeng Tugu is a unique lifestyle experience that speaks of hundreds years old of traditions, of the beautiful humbleness and the exotic richness of Indonesian dining and cooking culture, all at the same time. The class begins with a visit to traditional market where you will submerge into the daily Lomboknese way of living. Pick the recipes you favor most and finish with a Waroeng dinner experience, eating with bare hands surrounded by oil lamps, stone grinders, and traditional steamers on wood-fire terracotta stoves in the open kitchen.

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Kampoeng Lombok 
Lombok, Indonesia