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Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is set in a 55 hectare forest reserve on Lombok's rugged south east coast. Situated on a private cove that was voted one of the top ten best beaches in the world by Harpers Bazaar U.K., the beach camp is styled after a traditional sasak fishing camp with all 11 suites having spectaculer open views across the Indian Ocean to the island of Sumbawa.

Beloam derives from the Sasak word describing the topography and stark beauty of the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula. Jeeva Beloam prides itself on protecting and promoting Sasak culture and traditions by offering an authentic ‘Lombok' experience to our guests.

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Experience a luxurious beach camp hotel unlike any other at Jeeva Beloam. Our 11 “Beruga Pantai” lodges are inspired by and modeled after a traditional Sasak fishing camp, built using recycled wood and bamboo with alang alang roofs. Our accommodations take rustic chic to the next level. Don’t expect Wi-Fi or televisions – you won’t find that here.

At 60 square meters, the berugas are large, boosting indoor-outdoor living with a king-sized, mosquito-netted bed indoors and a large covered terrace and daybed outside. Bathrooms, while modern, open to the outdoors to let you experience nature at every turn. We offer three levels of beruga accommodation.



World class surfing for both beginners and advanced surfers is within easy proximity to Jeeva Beloam. The waves of Indonesia’s south Lombok coast remind many longtime surfers of Bali before its popularity boom, and our beachfront hotel is proud to call some of the area’s best waves ‘home.’

Beginner surfers should start in the inside area of Ekas Bay, just 20 kilometers across the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula from Jeeva Beloam. The outer area of Ekas Bay offers more challenging waves for advanced surfers.


Although it is possible to kayak off the beach in front of Jeeva Beloam, we recommend that guests pursue their water activities from the nearby calm waters off the Pink Beach or Segui Beach.

Here the large bay is protected from the currents of the Alas Straits and Indian Ocean. With views of the rugged mountains of Sumbawa, the bay is dotted with small islands and overlooked by Lombok’s Gunung Rinjani, providing a unique and interesting landscape.


Jeeva Beloam is the only resort located on the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula and our guests have full access to the many sandy beaches that line the peninsula.

Experienced divers can swim or dive off the low cliffs of Umang Island immediately in front of Jeeva Beloam and along the coast of Tanjung Ringgit to the south of the beach camp. Due to the nature of the ocean current patterns in the Alas Strait we recommend caution when diving in this area and require that all guests be accompanied at all times by an experienced, certified diver licensed by an internationally recognized agency (PADI or other internationally recognized agency).



Experience the restorative power of healing hands when you enjoy massage therapies from Jeeva Beloam. We offer a variety of Indonesian traditional massage methods and techniques. Enjoy your massage on the beach or in the privacy of your beruga.


Tenda. A Communal Dining Experience.

Live authentically. Eat locally. At Jeeva Beloam, guests experience an authentic Indonesian welcome and local food experience.

Our beachfront resort’s small restaurant, Tenda, offers a mostly family-style concept with menus for breakfast and lunch consisting of a mix of Western and Asian breakfast favorites and a regularly rotating dinner menu with two to three meal selections at each serving. We encourage you not just to enjoy your meals, but to use the time to meet, mix and mingle with other guests of our luxurious resort.

All seafood dishes are ‘catch of the day’ with each meal prepared using fresh fish sourced daily from local fishermen. Poultry is raised by local farmers who work closely with Jeeva Beloam to supply eggs and other poultry items on a daily basis. Vegetables are sourced in the nearest local market. Most dinner menus will be prepared based upon what is freshly available in the market on that day.

Tenda restaurant will, as much as possible, accommodate requests by guests for special items or dishes depending upon availability of ingredients. Tenda will also arrange beach barbecues, campfire roasts and other special meal events on a revolving basis.

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Jeeva Beloam Resort, Lombok, Indonesia