Our Background

Before establishing Top Indonesia in 2009, Sugeng Suprianto, C.E.O. of Top Indonesia Holidays, honed his tourism skills with the Four Seasons Hotel Group for a decade, then explored the Indonesian archipelago with a luxury cruise operator. Since 1990, he’s been a respected figure in Indonesia’s tourism industry, combining a hotelier career and his passion for adventure travel.

Join Sugeng, in his thrilling adventures, from jungle treks to volcanoes, off-road expeditions, underwater explorations, and enchanting island cruises. His deep knowledge of Indonesia is the key to tailor-made travel experiences that match your unique interests. Your adventure awaits!

Our Difference

Bespoke Travel Experiences

Crafting unique Indonesian holidays for passionate travellers requires a deep understanding of their preferences. Take advantage of a free conversation with Sugeng Suprianto via communication platforms like Google, Zoom, or WhatsApp. Please feel free to contact him for an appointment. [email protected]

Knowledgeable of Luxury Products and Services:

We excel at recognizing high-end travel products and emotional service appeals to affluent customers.

Expertise in Handling V.I.P

We have broad experience in catering to the distinctive demands of V.I.P. customers. Uphold the highest levels of confidentiality.

Insanely Simple Process

We eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, empowering employees to make faster decisions and adapt to evolving circumstances.

A Hub of Innovation and Responsible Travel.

“Embrace a culture of innovation under one roof, where we continuously reinvent travel products, excel in execution, and prioritize sustainability by evaluating the impact of tourism on the local economy and environment.”

“An Unrivalled Indonesian Travel Network.”

“With three decades of experience, Top Indonesia Holidays boasts an unparalleled network of destinations and partners, enhancing our knowledge of hotels, yachts, local experts and tourism officials. Our collaborations have refined Indonesia’s top offerings for sophisticated travellers.”

Our Team

Our team is a group of open-minded individuals from various backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and ages. We train them in different skills, empowering them to bring ideas and make decisions. Each team is committed to providing excellent service, from pre-arrival arrangements until they return home, and is available 24/7 for any assistance required.