Active Holidays

Indonesia is home to its tremendous archipelago and geographical complexity, we encourage our guests to experience active holidays to enjoy the best that nature can offer. Our programs majorly discover the most authentic hidden charm that has not been commercialized.



A choice of destination will be made to find the best waves and convenience. Depending on your stays, the surfing beaches should be a stone’s-throw-away.


Designed for those who are eager to interact directly with the local community. You are invited to take the scenic rice field route and involve in local activities along the way.

KAYUH Bali Fatbike-9447


Take a private bike tour to discover more hidden gems at your convenience. We offer flexible start/finish timing and electric bike at no extra cost. The view along the way will be worth every calorie burned.

Hiking Volcano

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced hiker. Our program accommodates your personal interest accordingly, from 2 hours of dramatic Ijen Blue Fire hike in East-Java to an overnight Rinjani mountain hike in Lombok.

Ijen - Sulfur Miners Going to Work

Sport Fishing

Being an island nation blessed with abundant marine life, Indonesia offers excellent opportunities for sport fishing. We can tailor a programmed to chase fish runs from Weh Island, Aceh in Northern Sumatra all the way to the remote reaches of Papua.