Day Trip

Day Trips provide you with a selection of activities for an authentic and immersive experience of the city for the day. We take you off the touristy routes and guide you towards hidden gems that are cherished secrets of the locals.

Bali - Trekking and Volcano Lake Canoing

Embark on an enchanting journey at the serene Tamblingan Lake. Traverse captivating landscapes as you hike through lush rainforests, paddle across the calm waters, gaze in awe at majestic volcanoes, and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambience of sacred springs.

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Bali - Ubud Village and Ricefield e-Biking

Explore the authentic village life as you pedal through scenic landscapes, admiring wood carvings and traditional homes. Witness farmers at work in the rice fields and immerse yourself in the beauty of the rainforest. Discover picturesque views on the other side of the village.

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Bali - Rice-Field walk with Balinese Priest

Experience Bali’s rich culture – stroll through beautiful rice fields with Balinese Priest Mr. Ida Bagus Dharma. Learn about traditional farming, irrigation, and natural remedies. Enjoy a tasty lunch at the Priest’s home and see the colourful Keliki paintings created by local children.

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Bali - UNESCO Site e-Biking

Explore Bali by e-bike and discover diverse landscapes, including temples, volcanoes, and ocean views. Visit a private Balinese Agriculture Garden to learn about tropical plants and ride through scenic back roads, passing small villages. Join our exclusive e-biking trip to Jati Luwih Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage.

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Bali - Blue Lagoon Snorkeling

Experience the beauty of East Bali’s Amuk Bay on a traditional outrigger boat. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters teeming with tropical fish, sea turtles, and vibrant coral reefs. Afterwards, head to Blue Lagoon Beach for more snorkeling or a leisurely swim in its clear blue waters and relax on its serene white sands.

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Bali - Batur Volcano Sunset Dinner

Batur Volcano Sunset Dinner

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Batur Lake from the peak of Mount Batur in the early evening. While waiting, the sun is setting. Take a descending walk to a secret spot where a lovely table for two awaits you and your loved one. We craft an unforgettable experience by serving a delicious set of picnic dinners with a bottle of champagne in the tranquility phenomenal Batur Volcano.

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Bali - The Sala Fall Bath Blessing

The Sala Fall Bath Blessing Ritual

The Hindu Bath Blessing Ritual becomes a captivating journey of purification and divine connection. Surrounded by the natural beauty of this sacred place, participants immerse themselves in a transformative experience, seeking blessings and renewal in the midst of cascading waters.

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Bali - South West Bali Peninsula Cycling

The Bike ride begins with a spiritual visit to Uluwatu Temple before you embark on your e-bike adventure. Wind your way through enchanting back roads, embracing the panoramic vistas of the southwest coast of Bali leading to Dreamland Beach.

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Bali - Bali Kite Making and Flying

Bali’s unique tradition involves flying massive kites during the windy season from mid-June to early September. The kites carry holy messages to the gods in red, black, and white colors. The most popular kite shapes are fish and birds, with the longest tail reaching over 100 meters.

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