We understand that each traveller's preferences are unique. Our dedicated team of travel experts will curate bespoke itineraries, customizing every aspect of your trip to fulfil your desires, from handpicking the finest accommodations to arranging exclusive cruising experiences and insider access to cultural and local experts.



Our land cruise itineraries offer the choice of exploring single or multiple islands, allowing you to experience Indonesia’s captivating landscapes, from rugged terrains and lush rainforests to majestic mountains. Enjoy the rich culture, witness traditional rituals, and savour the local cuisine. Our sea cruise itineraries take you to the small islands of Indonesia that are inaccessible by roads, allowing you to explore remote and untouched destinations.

Incentive & Leisure Group


Indonesia offers a diverse range of incentive trips and leisure group adventure destinations. Bali’s natural beauty, cultural experiences, and bustling markets make it a desirable option. At the same time, Yogyakarta’s UNESCO-listed temples offer a fascinating glimpse into Indonesia’s history and culture. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, Komodo National Park has stunning islands and coral reefs and the opportunity to encounter the park’s famous Komodo dragons.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Indonesia offers some of the very best resort accommodation that can be found on planet Earth. As your partner we have selected and tested those that make up the top-of-the-line and the following list gives the very best options.

Yacht & Cruises


There is no better way to experience Indonesia’s diversity and authentic tranquility than to travel by sea. It offers a privileged look at some of the most beautiful and remote corners of the country and a chance to meet lovely people.