The Indonesian national motto is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” – literally “Unity in Diversity.” Indonesia is a large nation comprised of more than 17,000 plus islands. , At 1,904,569 square kilometers, the Republic is the 15th largest nation in land area and the world’s fourth most populous nation. West to East, Indonesia stretches 5,150 kilometers – a distance wider than the breadth of the entire Continental USA. 

Indonesia is a land of endless opportunities for exploration and discovery in an archipelago boasting unequaled biological and cultural diversity. Just imagine that if you tried to make an Indonesian itinerary to include a new island each day, spending only one day on every island of Indonesia, you’d require at least 48 years to complete the journey. Indonesia offers an abundance of exotic destinations shimmering like diamonds set within an emerald wreath stretched along the equator. Top Indonesia Holidays’ carefully-crafted bespoke travel experiences always support indigenous communities while providing privileged access and insights into Indonesian society


Indonesia regularly ranks high in international surveys and polls as home to some of the world’s finest resorts and hotels. Whatever your requirements, from 5-star global brand hotels, charming boutique properties, heritage properties, or private villas – we pride ourselves on matching our clients with their specific taste in housing. We continually conduct surveys and reviews of all our accommodation partners to ensure high quality and health protocol standards are maintained.

Yacht & Cruise

The best way to explore and experience the Indonesian archipelago is at sea level aboard a boat journey to remote and otherwise inaccessible regions of Indonesia. Explore specific island groups, such as the Komodo National Park (Insert Wikilink), Raja Ampat (Insert Wikilink), or East Nusa Tenggara Islands (Insert Wikilink). Allow Top Indonesia Holidays to navigate a specific “special interest tour” for you by private yacht, possibly organized around a central theme such as fishing, ancient archaeological sites.

Spiritual & Wellness

This spirituality has made Bali the world’s capital for “wellness” therapies, encouraging body and mental renewal. The island abounds with award-winning spas offering a wide range of treatments, guided yoga practice, meditation retreats, and diet-linked multi-day programs that can be incorporated as core elements of a Bali holiday or included as featured side programs in a multi-day tour itinerary.

Private Jet

The Indonesian commercial aviation sector has grown dramatically over the past decades, with an unprecedented number of new airlines and routes now on offer. Previously inaccessible areas of Indonesia are now open to tourism. We can help plan and book competitively priced charter flights and inter-island connections.

Special Interest

Years of experience and knowledgeable contacts across the archipelago allow Indonesia Top Holidays to navigate the rich mosaic of endless options needed to create special interest tours to fit every niche, preference, and taste.


Limousine transfers, sedans, vans, busses of every size, luggage vans, and two-wheeled transportation can be booked on short- or long-term rental terms through Top Indonesia Holiday. Insurance and rigorous safety inspections are rigorously applied to every vehicle rental we operate.