Before establishing his successful destination management company, Sugeng Suprianto, the Company’s CEO, began acquiring his tourism skills during a decade of serving discerning and sophisticated guests at the legendary Four Seasons Hotel Group. A two-year stint followed exploring the Indonesian archipelago working with a luxury cruise operator. 

A respected member of the Indonesian tourism industry since 1990, Sugeng is a man whose hobby, vocation, and favorite tourism destination are indistinguishable. When not taking care of guests, the Suprianto family spends their leisure time trekking, climbing volcanoes, on-road and off-road cycling journeys, diving, snorkeling, and cruising between the Indonesian isles. 

Over the years, Sugeng has acquired an encyclopedia appreciation of Indonesia. He proudly shares that hard-won knowledge with the individual travelers and groups his company serves, creating tailor-made travel solutions to match diverse interests and tastes with all that Indonesia offers. Also supporting Top Indonesia Holiday’s unmatched destination knowledge is a nationwide network of collaborating tour guides, dive guides, artists, historians, volcanologists, archaeologists, and environmentalists. 

Explaining his vision and commitment, Sugeng Supriyanto says: 

“Our mission is to connect travelers with local experts, engage them in cultural activities to improve their economy, promote Indonesia’s unmatched natural diversity globally, and participate in nature conservation and sustainable tourism developments.”


  • The Key to Creating Bespoke Travel Experiences

Creating once-in-a-lifetime Indonesian holidays for a sophisticated international clientele is no easy task. Experience has taught Top Indonesia Holidays that an active in-depth preliminary discussion is essential. Does the intending traveler have an “Indonesian bucket list” of trip objectives? Are details of the travelers’ work and education experience suggest possible activities in Indonesia? Hobbies? Preferred sports and leisure-time pastimes? What were some of the highlights of past journeys? Favorite type of hotel or other accommodation: Luxury resort? Natural setting? Beachside? Jungle and hilltop? Proximity to village communities and cultural attractions? Access to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife?. The more we know about the intending traveler’s likes and dislikes, the better the chance we can propose a perfect Indonesian vacation. 

When clients ask us to name the “best hotel in Bali,” we admit we don’t have an answer. However, once we know more about the tastes and inclinations of the individual traveler or group, we are confident that we can come up with a matching list of recommended properties in Bali best suited to their personal preferences.

By carefully noting our clients’ tastes and preferences, Top Indonesia consistently succeeds in customizing one-of-a-kind itineraries that will meet and exceed each traveler’s expectations.

  • Working in a Post-Pandemic World

Like much of the world, Indonesia is slowly emerging from a pandemic that brought untold hardship to many Indonesian tourism companies. Because of this, Indonesia Top Holiday routinely reviews all accommodation providers, transportation operators, restaurants, and attractions to ensure that the highest quality of services they expect from trusted suppliers have been maintained for use during any coming journey.

  • Personalized Assistance – How Does it Work? 

The first step? Top Indonesia Holidays will always answer your emails, sometimes by asking clarifying questions, to help construct a more meaningful response. Ideally, clients can take advantage of a no-obligation, free-of-charge conversation with Sugeng Suprianto, or a senior staff member, using computer or smartphone communication links (e.g., Google, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp). These links are a convenient way for Top Indonesia to know their client better and obtain insights that will help them prepare a perfect Indonesian travel itinerary.

  • An Unrivaled Indonesian Travel Network

Three decades of professional travel planning have allowed Top Indonesia Holidays to develop an unrivaled network of attractive destinations and supporting travel operators. While adding to their extensive knowledge of hotels, transportation providers, yachts, private jet operators, and local and regional tourism officials. Years of sending thousands of visitors to every corner of the archipelago have resulted in close working relationships with Indonesia’s best operators while assisting them in developing their products to meet the requirement of increasingly sophisticated travelers.