Indonesia Entry Regulation

Starting June 2023, international Travellers can enter Indonesia without COVID-19 vaccination proof, PCR tests, or quarantine. Travellers need a valid visa or E-Visa. Some citizens can use Visa on Arrival and Citizens from ASEAN countries can enter Indonesia without visas. These changes make travelling to Indonesia convenient. However, the entry requires valid travel documents as listed below:

  1. Passport Requirements: Minimum validity of six months upon departure from Indonesia, with two blank pages for Visa Stamp.
  2. For citizens not eligible for a Visa on Arrival, obtaining an e-Visa B211A can be complex due to sponsorship. Contact your home country’s Indonesian Embassy for assistance with a pre-arranged visa.
  3. Citizens eligible for Visa on Arrival (VOA) can obtain the B211A (Tourist Visa) at select international airports or seaports. It is valid for 30 days extendable. The cost is IDR 500K and can be paid in cash or by credit or debit card.
  4. Travellers need to present a return or onward flight ticket showing their departure date from Indonesia.
  5. Fill in the Electronic Custom Declaration Online when you arrive at The Airport

Visa On Arrival
Visa On Arrival (VOA) is a type of tourist visa that travelers can obtain upon their arrival at Indonesia’s international airports. Eligibility for VOA includes citizens from 86 countries listed below:

1 South Africa 2 Albania 3 United States of America 4 Greece 5 Jordan
6 Saudi Arabia 7 Argentina 8 Australia 9 Andorra 10 Vietnamese
11 Bahrain 12 Dutch 13 Belarus 14 Austria 15 United Arab Emirates
16 Brazil 17 Brunai Darussalam 18 Bosnia Herzegovina 19 Belgium 20 Vatican
21 Czech 22 Chile 23 Denmark 24 Bulgaria 25 Ukraine
26 Estonia 27 Philippines 28 Finland 29 Ecuador 30 Uzbekistan
31 Hungary 32 India 33 English 34 Hongkong 35 Timor Leste
36 Italy 37 Iceland 38 Japan 39 Ireland 40 Turkey
41 Cambodia 42 Canada 43 Colombia 44 Germany 45 Tunis
46 Croatia 47 Kuwait 48 Laos 49 South Korea 50 China
51 Liechtenstein 52 Lithuania 53 Luxemburg 54 Latvia 55 Sweden
56 Malaysia 57 Malta 58 Morocco 59 Maldives 60 Thailand
61 Egypt 62 Monaco 63 Myanmar 64 Mexico 65 Taiwan
66 Oman 67 Palestine 68 France 69 Norway 70 Switzerland
71 Poland 72 Portugal 73 Qotar 74 Peru 75 Slovakia
76 Russia 77 San Marino 78 New Zealand 79 Romania 80 Suriname
81 Seychelles 82 Singapore 83 Cyprus 84 Serbia 85 Spanish
86 Slovenia

Free Visa
Nine (9) listed citizens from ASEAN countries are eligible for free visas. The free visa is valid for 30 days and is NOT extendable.

1 Brunei Darussalam 6 Cambodia
2 Laos 7 Malaysia
3 Myanmar 8 Philippines
4 Singapore 9 Thailand
5 Vietnam

Contact Details
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Mobile: +62 81246001848 Mrs. Dian Winata
Mobile: +62 878 8080 0069 Mr. Wahyu Listyo
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Email: [email protected]


What to Pack, What to Wear?
Comfortable and lightweight clothing is preferable in Indonesia. For temples, long pants/skirts are required for women and shirts that cover at least the shoulders. Long pants for men.
Footwear for days out should be comfortable runners, or sport sandals (Sandal must have a strap around the heel if entering royal venues). It is also recommended to bring a casual evening outfit and comfortable shoes that you could wheat to a chic cocktail lounge, but also walk a few blocks in as well. Things like hats and sunglasses are helpful on the sunny days.

Bring plenty of memory for your camera. Most photo shop scan print digital photos and burn CDs. When Photographing locals, always ask permission first.

Local sockets are 230V. Most electronic devices like camera, phones, etc. have dual power capabilities, but check first! Otherwise, adaptors are fairly easy to find.

Luggage Restrictions on Airlines
Most regional carriers in Indonesia, such as Indonesia airways have standard luggage limitations of 20kg per person. Excess weight can be paid at check-in.

Cultural Tips
Indonesian are very easy going and would rarely tell you if you are doing something that offends them. However, here are a few things to think about while you are in Indonesia:
• Do not give or take anything with your left hand, as it is considered impure.
• Do not touch children’s heads, as this part of the body is considered to be the home of the human soul.
• Do not blow your nose while eating. It is best to get up and step away from the table.
• In busy center, keep your shirt on (unless on the beach of course)
• Hands on hips are a sign of defiance, especially when talking to someone
• Ask questions. When visiting a religious site, taking part in a religious practice, or simply touring a town, ask lots of questions to your Indonesian guides and friends. Indonesians are incredibly proud of their culture and are happy to share. This is also true if you are not sure how to act or feel uncomfortable in a situation – ask questions to make sure you are following proper Indonesian etiquette.

Activity Tips
There are many activities you will enjoy during your adventure with us. To ensure you have a safe, fun holiday and don’t offend locals, following are some things to keep in mind:

• Wear a helmet at all times.
• DRESS: Please wear a shirt with at least as much coverage as a t-shirt and shorts to your knees. No tank tops or short shorts please.
• Bring at least one liter of water/hour of activity (including hiking) – your hosts will supply this.
• Make sure you know how your brakes/gears work before starting – ask questions.
• Stop to make adjustments to your bike, gear and to have a look around – it’s easy to ride off the road/path.
• Ride where your host rides.
• Ride in single file, on the left-hand side of the road at all times.
• Beware of potholes and gravel on the road, especially in corners.
• Leave enough room between riders that you can stop in an emergency.
• Stop behind riders, not next to them to avoid accidents.
• Cars often honk to let you know they’re there – don’t panic, just make sure you keep to the left-hand side of the road.
• Shift gears gently when going uphill – pedal lighter when shifting.
• Gently apply both brakes when trying to stop – not too much of the front brake.
• Be sure to stop at all lights/stop signs – your host will wait if you don’t make it through

• DRESS: Locals are very conservative – please wear a shirt with at least as much coverage as a t-shirt and shorts to your knees. No tank tops or short shorts please.
• Do not pick crops from fields.
• If you would like to help, make a donation to your guide, which will be forwarded to our office. We will purchase things like clothing, mosquito nets, blankets, school supplies and distribute them in a non-disruptive manner.
• Watch when you’re walking – stop to have a look around – it’s easy to twist an ankle or walk off the trail.
• Bring at least one liter of water/hour of activity – your hosts will supply this.

Rice-Field Walk
• DRESS: Please wear a shirt with at least as much coverage as a t-shirt and shorts to your knees.
• Bring at least one liter of water/hour of activity – your hosts will supply this.
• Walk where your host walking.
• Bring a hat, sunscreen, and glasses

• DRESS: Please wear a shirt that do not absorb water.
• Rafting equipment (helm, life jacket, etc) has been provided by the supplier.
• Bring a change of clothes.