Our land cruise itineraries offer the choice of exploring single or multiple islands, allowing you to experience Indonesia's captivating landscapes, from rugged terrains and lush rainforests to majestic mountains. Enjoy the rich culture, witness traditional rituals, and savour the local cuisine. Our sea cruise itineraries take you to the small islands of Indonesia that are inaccessible by roads, allowing you to explore remote and untouched destinations.

Day Trips


Day Trips provide you with a selection of activities for an authentic and immersive experience of the city for the day. We take you off the touristy routes and guide you towards hidden gems that are cherished secrets of the locals.

Single Island Roundtrips

Single Island Roundtrips

Single Island Round-Trip focuses on exploring one island, starting from one area and ending in another. We craft it by combining day trips, land transfers, resort accommodations, and live-aboard cruises. This trip allows you to experience different areas without driving back and forth from one place.

Multi Island Trips

Multi Island  Trips

Multi-island round trips explore more than one single island trip, starting from one island and ending on another. We craft it by combining two or more islands with domestic flights, land transfers, accommodations, and live-aboard cruises. This trip allows you to explore multiple islands and experience the best of each island can offer.

Yacht & Cruise Trips

Yacht & Cruise Trips

There is no better way to experience Indonesia’s authentic tranquility than to travelling by sea. It offers a privileged look at some of the country’s remote corners and a chance to meet local people who live on pristine shores that are not accessible by road. When you go cruising each day, each island offers a different fascinating landscape.