Bespoke Tour

We are experienced in generating unique itinerary, understand the clients' desire and are there for it. Whether you are a first-timer or a regular, personalise your holiday based on what you fancy. Find out more inspirations on this page!



The vows have been taken, now take the time to explore your honeymoon plan with us. Personalisable, whether you fancy living close to the nature in Banyan Tree Buahan or charter a Sequoia yacht all to yourself. Remember Love Birds, your commitment is ours too.


There are over a thousand tribes in Indonesia, take your chance to learn more about various, one-of-a-kind cultures in every archipelago. It’s all about philosophy and connecting to mother nature.


Local Expert

Indonesia is home to thousands of stories. To bring the most unforgettable experience, our classic itinerary includes interaction with the local experts from geologists to astrologists. Find out your own Eat, Pray, Love stories!


Explore the wilderness and witness the most fascinating creature with your own eyes. From the world’s largest lizard, Komodo Dragon in Rinca Island – to the Great Apes of Indonesian rainforest, Orangutan in Borneo.

Borneo Orang Utan Female and Baby 1

Spiritual & Wellness

Our program, Pondok Masa Depan is the ultimate place to fulfil your spiritual journey. Optimise your Chakra through physical, spiritual healing, Yoga, and medical alternative food adapting the permaculture concept with the local Guru.

Private Jet

Aviation in Indonesia serves as a critical means of connecting within islands. Flying on a commercial airline has become more hassle and bustle. Chartering a private plane is the perfect way to access remote areas to void multiple transits and queues through security.

jet private


Transportation is the most crucial component of tourism. Due to the poor infrastructure, It is almost impossible to explore a city in Indonesia on public transportation. We provide vehicles based on each island's availability, from deluxe minivans to SUVs and luxury options.